2016 In Review & What’s To Come In 2017.

2016 in Review

Let me start this off by thanking all of our visitors, regular readers, subscribers, and the amazing customers we’ve gotten to know over the last year. 2016 has been amazing for us here at Brand Builders, and the only thing we’re more excited about than the growth we’ve experienced over the last 12 months is what […]

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$100k Case Study Update #1 – The Beginning

$100k Case Study Update - The Beginning

Guess what, folks? We’ve chosen the niche for our public case study! After an extensive research process, we narrowed the topic down to a niche inside of the evergreen health vertical. If you’re wanting to follow along with the case study while building your own site and are stuck on which niche to choose, or even brainstorming niches […]

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How To Turn $4,000 Into $100,000 In 12 Months, Or Less (Live Case Study)

Case Study

What’s up folks? Before we get started, we want to let you in on a giveaway that we’re running. During this live case study, we’re going to be giving away 5 of our premium affiliate site packages to subscribers at the end. In case you’re not familiar with us, that’s a $3,999 custom done-for-you package that […]

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10 Multi-Billion Dollar Niches That Are Prime For The Taking

best niches for affiliate marketing

Choosing a niche is one of the most difficult things a beginner marketer or business owner can do.  Unless you happen to be highly interested in a topic that already generates billions of dollars a year in revenue, a lot of negative thoughts and self-doubt are going to be running through your mind. To help you […]

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Google AMP – Hype Or Hope?

Google AMP

With Google changing the game again and releasing their AMP pages, the internet has been turned over, people have begun taking sides — both for, and against — and a lot of people are left wondering exactly what it means for their business. Without a doubt, this is one of the biggest shakeups in the SEO […]

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How To Nail Your Next Guest Posting Campaign

how to guest post

Guest posting is one of the best ways to build backlinks to your website, especially when you don’t have a large budget to work with in order to buy links from highly authoritative blogs and websites.You can’t just grab a few templates from the internet, research a list of sites that you want links from, […]

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How To Outsource Your Entire Business (Free Templates Included)

How To Outsource Your Business

It’s no secret that learning how to build a successful online-based business comes with a steep learning curve. Smart entrepreneurs have figured out, though, that you don’t necessarily have to learn every step of the process to pull together all of the pieces and come out the other side a winner.Building an online business opens […]

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5 Critical Mistakes FBA Business Owners Are Making, Without Realizing It

mistakes FBA owners make

Fulfillment by Amazon, or FBA, has opened the doors for a large amount of people to finally start their business — and fast track their way towards running a profitable operation.With the rise of new entrepreneurs comes one glaring, disheartening fact: most successful FBA sellers are winning out of sheer luck, and their lack of […]

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8 Ways To Grow Your FBA Business, Today

8 ways to grow your fba business

Ordering products and successfully uploading them onto Amazon’s platform is only the first step in building your FBA business.The next step that a lot of new entrepreneurs get hung up on is when it comes time to actually making sales, and scaling their growth so they can afford to purchase more product and expand their […]

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How To Find A Profitable Product To Sell On FBA

how to find a profitable product to sell on amazon

Finally pulling the trigger and ordering a bunch of inventory to ship off to Amazon can be scary, at the best of times. How do you know for sure that what you’ve ordered is actually going to perform, and sell out on FBA? Do you know for certain that you have looked over every possible aspect […]

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