5 Tips to Update Your Brand

The times they are a’changin (a Bob Dylan reference, for the younger crowd!), and at a certain point, so too should your brand. If you want to stay competitive in just about any industry, it’s necessary to change or evolve your brand every so often to keep it feeling fresh and relevant. Your target market is constantly shifting as people get older, so it’s important to show that you’re in touch with their current interests and trends.


While doing a complete tear down and refresh of your brand is certainly an option, it may be unnecessary. Sometimes, the simplest changes can have a big impact on how consumers perceive your brand, so you may want to experiment a bit before committing to a major – and probably expensive – overhaul.


To get you started, here are 5 tips to update your brand.


Tip #1: Identify the Need for a Refresh

Before you start making changes to any and all areas of your brand, it’s important to identify why you feel it needs a refresh in the first place. For example, are you looking to give it an overall more modern look and feel? Or do you just need to better differentiate certain aspects of your brand from the competition? Take the time to figure out the weakest aspects of your brand and give those your utmost attention.


Tip #2: Update Your Visuals

A simple update to your visuals can be one of the easiest ways to refresh your brand. And this isn’t just referring to your logo either – there are a variety of ways to switch up your brand’s look. For example, you could:


  • Change your brand’s colours
  • Replace stock photos with unique, high-quality ones
  • Experiment with different fonts
  • Incorporate video


Whatever you decide, just make sure the changes are in line with your brand’s mission, values, and personality. Ideally, your visuals should convey these without words, so choose carefully.


Tip #3: Think About Your Brand Voice

These days, it’s important for a business to engage and relate to its customers, and one way they do that is through their brand voice. So, it’s important to ask yourself, what is my brand’s voice currently like? For example, is it formal, casual, funny, or friendly? Is it unique? Is it consistent? Does it resonate with our values, mission, and customer base? Consider both the context and tone of your brand’s voice, and see if you can make it more relevant to your brand and your customers.


Tip #4: Consider Your Marketing Collateral

Your brand’s marketing collateral, or the digital and/or printed materials used to communicate a brand’s message, product, or service, could probably use an update every once in a while. So, consider gathering up all your materials and updating or tossing out those items that you no longer use or simply don’t feel relevant to your brand anymore. If you are planning on a redesign, then make sure your collateral materials are consistent and in line with your vision for your brand.


Tip #5: Hire Professional Help

If you’re really unsure of how to go about updating your brand, then consider bringing in some professionals. Here at BrandBuilders, we offer various services that can help you build your brand. Contact us today to discuss your needs!