Amazon Associate Audit

Amazon Associate Account Compliance Audit

Most Amazon Associates can’t invest the time to read, reread, and understand the lengthy and confusing Terms and Conditions that Amazon throws at us.

You could try to go it alone, but doing your own audit is a lot of work!
To help you out, we’ve come up with a process that will greatly reduce the chances of your Amazon Associate account being flagged or shut down.


Choose between two Audit Services made to help you keep and maintain your Amazon Associate Account.

Get an Amazon Audit Report with step-by-step guidance if you’re in violation of Amazon’s Terms and Conditions.

Receive additional support over email or phone if you have any questions about your Audit Report.

We’ll set you up with Amazon Associates support for follow-up after fixing any issues.

Pick an Audit Plan Below

Full Audit

21-Point Audit Completed

In-Depth Review of 5 Site Pages

Receive detailed report showing where issues occur

Email support to help resolve any issues


Premium Audit

77-Point Audit Completed

Deep Dive into EVERY Page

Receive detailed report showing where issues occur

Phone and email support to complete changes

$200/site + $3/post

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