Amazon Associate Account
Compliance Audit

Have you experienced waking up to seeing an email saying your Amazon Associate Account has been suspended? It is NOT FUN!

Most of us Amazon Associates haven’t invested the time in reading, re-reading, and understanding the lengthy and confusing Terms and Conditions that Amazon throws at us (and then changes from time to time). 

To stay up-to-date and avoid getting your account closed, you could check out this Amazon affiliate disclosure guide... but doing your own audit is a lot of work! 

To help you out, we’ve built a process that greatly reduces the chances that an Amazon Associate account will be shut down.

Full Audit

Covers 70% of All Potential Issues
21-Point Audit Completed
Review Up to 5 Pages (In-depth)


Premium Audit

Looks at EVERY Page!
77-Point Audit Completed
Deep Dive into Every Page

$200/site + $3/post

The Many Benefits of the Done-For-You Amazon Audit Process

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