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5 Proven Online Business Models for 2021

open for business sign for online business models

So you want to make money from an online business? Join the club. Making money online has come a long way since author Tim Ferriss released his pivotal book The Four Hour Work Week and convinced readers that they could escape the 9-5 by following their passions, teaching others through a website, and capitalizing on […]

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Diversifying From Amazon: How I 4X’d My Affiliate Revenues in a Week

Affiliate marketers are finding themselves in a precarious position during the COVID-19 pandemic. Online traffic globally (especially in countries and regions hit hardest by the coronavirus) is through the roof. Trapped inside and barred from their regular ways of being, people are doing things they used to do in person virtually. This includes making purchases […]

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9 Freelancers That Can Help Your Amazon FBA Business Grow

hire freelancers for your fba business

Do you dream about a 6-figure income? Do you think your Amazon FBA business can accomplish that? You know your business has the potential. If you only had the time… Is your day filled with essential, but repetitive tasks? Tasks that are important for running the business, but not helping you grow your business? Are you stuck because […]

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2017 In Review & What’s To Come In 2018 + Case Study Update

2017 in review

Let me start this off by thanking all of our visitors, regular readers, subscribers, and the amazing customers we’ve gotten to know over the last year. 2017 has been amazing for us here at Brand Builders, and the only thing we’re more excited about than the growth we’ve experienced over the last 12 months is what […]

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How To Keep Your eCommerce Business Secure From Hacking Threats

Ecommerce security for your website

With all of the talk in the industry about the threat of hacking, and Equifax currently experiencing one of the largest hacks to date, it’s worth taking a step back to realize how insecure your eCommerce business may really be. Moving forward, the market is going to become more sophisticated and start putting more trust into […]

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In The World Of Amazon FBA & Associates – Volume 2

world of amazon volume 2

In our effort to make sure you’re staying at the forefront of the industry, we’ve compiled the best of the best from the last 2 weeks in the world of Amazon. If you’re an FBA seller or an Amazon Associates affiliate, here is some of the best content that we’ve found, that has been released within […]

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In The World Of Amazon FBA & Associates – Volume 1

In the world of FBA and affiliate marketing

The world of Amazon FBA and Associates is constantly evolving. It’s moving so fast that we, at Brand Builders, aren’t able to release content fast enough.Thankfully, we don’t have to. To make sure you’re getting the latest information and maintaining your competitive edge, we’re going to start aggregating new content from around the web.Below is a list […]

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How To Convert Cold Traffic Into Cold Hard Cash

Convert cold traffic

In the past, Google Adwords and Bing Ads were some of the best sources of traffic you could send to your website. They’re highly targeted, relatively easy on the budget, and can provide a high amount of traffic with nearly minimal effort. However, as time has gone on, both Adwords and Bing Ads have gotten incredibly […]

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How To Get Your Products Ungated On Amazon

how to get your products ungated in amazon

To protect their customers, Amazon requires sellers in restricted categories to go through an “ungating” process. Only once your application has been approved by Amazon are you allowed to list products in that category.If you want to learn exactly how to get ungated on Amazon, you’ve come to the right place![This article was last updated […]

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How To Deal With Hijackers & Unethical Competition On FBA

How To Deal With Unethical Competition on Amazon FBA

With the FBA marketplace growing and more sellers finding their way onto the platform, competition is increasing at record numbers. Unfortunately, with increased competition comes one major problem: unethical operators looking to get ahead any way possible, even if it means breaking the rules and selling you short in the process. One of the biggest complaints popping […]

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