WordPress Page Speed Optimization

WordPress Page Speed Optimization

Slow sites are frustrating, aren’t they? You can lose a lot of traffic and business with a site that takes forever to load.

With our WordPress speed optimization service, say goodbye to long loading times and lost opportunities!

Let us optimize your WordPress site with premium plugins, minimized code, and much more, and you’ll see it speedier and better-performing than ever before!

Without optimization

A slow site that loses users.

Less site traffic over time.

High bounce rates.

Less lucrative for you.

With Optimization

A SPEEDY site that keeps users.

INCREASED site traffic over time.

LOWER bounce rates.

MORE SALES in a shorter time.

OUR Main features

Premium caching plugin with an activated lifetime plan.

Premium image optimization plugin with an activated lifetime plan.

Fixing core web vitals reported URLs on Google search console until the site passes the CWV test.

Performance upgrade report.

Optimization upgrade report.

Full database cleanup.

How we Optimize Your Site

We utilize premium caching and image optimization plugins with activated lifetime plans, fix core web vitals on Google Search Console, do a full database cleanup, and provide performance and optimization upgrade reports.

Pick a plan below to get started!


Minifying HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Optimizing CSS and JS files.

Image resizing and compression.

Serving all site images in the next-gen format using a CDN.

Lazy loading media.

Optimizing web fonts.

SSL certificate configuration checks and repairs.

$199 $149


Includes all Basic Plan features, plus…

Fixing and submitting URLs on Google Search Console for validation.

Monitoring all URLs’ performances monthly and taking instant action against any new core web vitals (CWV) errors.

Making sure your site passes Google’s CWV test without any reported errors.

$149 + $29\month

Optimization Samples

Before Page Speed Optimization 🥵

After Page Speed Optimization 😎

Before Page Speed Optimization 😪

After Page Speed Optimization 😍

Before Page Speed Optimization 🤬

After Page Speed Optimization 😏

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