$100k Case Study Update #6 – Four Figures

Case study update 6 - four figures

Whoa… It’s been a while since I published a case study update. No worries, though. I (definitely) haven’t forgotten about this project. We’re still grinding and hustling our way to reach our goals, but I really wanted to wait till we get some real traction before I hit the ‘publish’ button. That said, I’ll quickly summarize what I’ve […]

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How To Keep Your eCommerce Business Secure From Hacking Threats

Ecommerce security for your website

With all of the talk in the industry about the threat of hacking, and Equifax currently experiencing one of the largest hacks to date, it’s worth taking a step back to realize how insecure your eCommerce business may really be. Moving forward, the market is going to become more sophisticated and start putting more trust into […]

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In The World Of Amazon FBA & Associates – Volume 2

world of amazon volume 2

In our effort to make sure you’re staying at the forefront of the industry, we’ve compiled the best of the best from the last 2 weeks in the world of Amazon. If you’re an FBA seller or an Amazon Associates affiliate, here is some of the best content that we’ve found, that has been released within […]

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In The World Of Amazon FBA & Associates – Volume 1

In the world of FBA and affiliate marketing

The world of Amazon FBA and Associates is constantly evolving. It’s moving so fast that we, at Brand Builders, aren’t able to release content fast enough.Thankfully, we don’t have to. To make sure you’re getting the latest information and maintaining your competitive edge, we’re going to start aggregating new content from around the web.Below is a list […]

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How To Convert Cold Traffic Into Cold Hard Cash

Convert cold traffic

In the past, Google Adwords and Bing Ads were some of the best sources of traffic you could send to your website. They’re highly targeted, relatively easy on the budget, and can provide a high amount of traffic with nearly minimal effort. However, as time has gone on, both Adwords and Bing Ads have gotten incredibly […]

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$100k Case Study Update #5 – Scaling

Case study update 5

It’s been a while since I published a case study update, and for a good reason – there’s really not much to update you guys on. (except that we’re racking in even more dollars!) Last time I wrote about our case study, the site cracked $100/month mark and was getting between 20-40 visitors a day. Well, sh*t scaled, and […]

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20 Biggest Mistakes You Can Make In Your Affiliate Marketing Business

20 affiliate marketing mistakes

Affiliate marketing can be difficult if you’ve never done any marketing in your life, haven’t built a website before, and are following every guru you can get behind that tells you what you want to hear — instead of what you need to actually be doing to succeed. Building a successful affiliate marketing business doesn’t necessarily […]

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Niche vs Authority Site – Is Bigger Always Better?

Niche Vs Authority Site

In 2017, the debate still rages on — which is better, larger authority sites, or smaller niche sites. There’s no denying that both types of sites are capable of producing a huge income for you, when done right, but many beginners are still stuck wondering which type of site they should focus on building when they’re […]

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$100k Case Study Update #4 – We’re Making Money!

BB case study update

It’s that time of the month again. Time for another case study update! In the last month, we continued optimizing the site so it can rank for even more keywords, while watching the income steadily increase. During the first few months of a new site’s life, income  (from organic traffic) is not expected. As time goes on, though, […]

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How To Get Your Products Ungated On Amazon

how to get your products ungated in amazon

To protect their customers, Amazon requires sellers in certain categories to go through an “ungating” process, that allows them to get the products they want to sell approved by Amazon’s Seller Central team. In the past, getting ungated has been relatively easy — provide a few receipts from a large store showing that you’ve purchased the […]

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