$100k Case Study Update #3 – The Reveal

Affiliate Site Case Study Update 3

If you’ve been following along, we’re making headway towards our $100,000 goal with this site, and are happy with the progress we’ve made up to this point.

Going into the 3rd month means that there wasn’t a ton of work that was actually performed on the site that we’re using for the case study, but we did get quite a bit done in other areas.

The site, itself, is already built, filled with content, and optimized to rank for the keywords that we want to rank for and funnel visitors to the pages on the site we want them to end up at.

February Was Fun...

This month, though, we spent quite a bit of time laying the foundation for our site to start bringing in traffic, links, and solidify our rankings as the site grows.

Any time you want to get a site up and running, there are basic links you need to build.

We got them built, and created all of our social profiles, published web 2.0 posts with backlinks, and began our initial outreach campaign, landing a few guest post spots on other blogs.

referring pages

Referring Domains/Pages

Then, to make sure we stand out in the search results and eyeballs land on our site’s listing instead of our competition’s listing, we implemented Schema.org markup.

Schema markup

Putting Schema.org to work

As it stands right now, every post and page on the site has been indexed, and we’re currently ranking for more than 100 different keywords. Pretty impressive for a site that’s less than 3 months old, right?

domain strength

Domain Strength

The search engines are showing us love, ranking 17 of those 100+ keywords on the 2nd or 3rd page of the search results. As time goes on, we should have a fairly easy time pushing those up to the top of the 1st page.

ranking keywords

We're ranking for a solid # of keywords already

referring domains

A lot of strong referring domains are pointing to the homepage with branded/URL anchors

Moving forward, we’re going to need to scale our link building efforts.

Time To Scale Our Efforts

To accomplish that, we’re going to be running on creating the content to build out a second silo on the site, and start pushing for more links through our outreach efforts.

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Stay tuned as the site grows, and we work closer towards that goal!

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