Are Turnkey/Pre-Made Websites a Good Investment?

There are very few industries where you can start a business and build it into something that thrives for the little bit of money that affiliate marketing requires.

Most businesses will cost substantially more money to get started, which is part of what makes affiliate marketing so alluring to beginners and people looking to build a business that gives them location and financial independence.

As with any type of business you’re thinking about getting into, affiliate marketing presents a ton of questions.

When you’re considering buying a pre-made affiliate marketing website, you end up with questions on top of questions.

We’re here today to address some of those concerns, and break down for you exactly why buying a pre-made turnkey affiliate website makes getting into the affiliate marketing industry or scaling your existing website portfolio easier than starting from scratch and trying to do all of the work yourself.

Below are some of the questions that we see over, and over, that we hope, by addressing each of them individually, you’ll see how buying a pre-made (or custom) affiliate website is the best route to take if you’re trying to build an affiliate marketing business.

Question #1: Are Turnkey Affiliate Websites A Good Investment?

This is one of the biggest questions we see, and believe it’s primarily based around the fact that there is risk involved in buying a pre-made website, just like there’s risk involved with start any other type of business.

When it comes to affiliate marketing, though, we believe that pre-made websites (when built properly, and by experienced professionals) are one of the best investments you can make.

If you’re thinking about buying a pre-made website, you need to think at it from a different angle than simply looking at the money you’re going to be spending on the site itself.

Learning all of the technical in’s and out’s, while keeping yourself motivated can be incredibly frustrated when you’re just getting started in the industry.

When you think about the cost, in terms of the amount of time and frustration required to build a website while learning everything you need to learn to be successful, spending a small amount of money up front makes buying a prebuilt website an excellent investment.

are websites a good investment

We can tell you from experience that time is much more valuable than money, especially when you are spending that money on a proven model.

Time is something you can never get back, while buying a pre-made website that is positioned to make money will help you see a return on the monetary investment you’ve made.

That’s priceless, in our opinion, and makes buying a professionally built website a no-brainer.

Question #2: Do You Have Samples Of Your Websites?

If there’s one thing that is common with the affiliate marketing industry, it’s marketers being secretive about their websites, niches, and how much money they’re making.

The fact that starting an affiliate marketing business is so easy, and websites being so easy to duplicate makes most people nervous when they think about sharing their portfolio with other people.

In order to protect ourselves, and protect our clients, we can give you examples of what the sites look like, and show you one of our own websites, but we cannot share websites that we have built for other clients.

We adopt this policy to ensure that any website you purchase from us remains anonymous.

It keeps your portfolio safe from lazy marketers that are only looking to copy what other successful people are doing, and helps us ensure that we aren’t inviting new competition into a niche that you’re trying to build a business around.

Question #3: How Long Does It Take For The Site To Start Earning?

This is completely dependent on how much work you’re willing to put into the site while it is still new.

In general, we teach you how to gain traffic from the search engines, which does tend to take a few months to start seeing an income and a return on your investment.

However, gaining traffic from the search engines (these days) does require you to promote your website using other methods, which generate traffic on their own.

That means, the more you promote your site using the methods we teach you, the more traffic you’ll get -- and the more chances you’ll have to make money before the search engines start allowing you to rank at the top of the search results.

If you follow what we teach you in our Traffic Acquisition Guide (that comes with every site we sell), you’ll have a very good chance of seeing your first sales start rolling in during the first month.

We do, however, want to let you know that even buying a pre-made website, you’re still building a business and affiliate marketing is no different than any other business model -- it takes time, patience, and dedication to build something that consistently generates an income for you.

Question #4: How Much Can I Earn With These Websites?

This is sort of a loaded question, and there’s only one real way to answer it -- as much as you want to make, compared to as much as you want to work towards your income goals.

The amount of money you make has a lot to do with the niche you’ve chosen being able to deliver a steady stream of customers to your website, and having products available that you can reliably sell to them.

potential website earnings

The training that we give you teaches you how to promote your website so it ranks high in the search results pages of major search engines, which solves the steady stream of traffic and customers coming into your website.

We also use 8 years of experience to identify profitable niches to build our websites around, to ensure that the time and money we’re putting into a website isn’t going to result in a site that cannot generate an income.

Many beginners end up frustrated with their sites because they do not know how to identify these niches, and end up making little to no money with their website.

We have certain criteria that we follow, and metrics that we look at to make sure that the niches we choose are able to fully sustain the websites we’re building around them, and can grow in income as we put more work into the sites.

In other words, we want to know that we’ll always be handsomely rewarded for the time and money we’re putting into our business.

We can’t give exactly income figures, only estimates, because every website is different, but we can tell you that you will make money if you put in the work, and follow what we’re teaching you.

How much you make is entirely up to you and your level of motivation.

Question #5: What Types Of Websites Do You Build?

We currently build two main types of websites.

One is based around Amazon’s Associates program, for new and experienced affiliate marketers, and the second is based around the Fulfillment By Amazon program and caters to marketers and business owners looking to source their own products and manage inventory themselves.

We recommend all beginners start out with the Associates side of the business, because it allows you to learn what you’re doing without taking too many risks, and can easily be converted into an FBA business down the road.

The websites we build are proven to work, with our 8 years of experience, and countless clients that have built successful businesses around the websites we’ve created for them.

We know the types of content that visitors love to see, the website structure that search engines reward with increased traffic, and the criteria that helps determine if a niche is going to provide a good monetary return before putting work into it.

Question #6: How Long Does It Take To Get My Website?

It depends which package you end up deciding on.

Our pre-made websites can be purchased and transferred to you within 24 hours, allowing you to get to work right away.

If you prefer a more customized solution, we offer 100% custom website packages that do take longer to complete (30-ish days), but are built entirely around your goals and dreams.

Most people, especially beginners and marketers looking to scale their portfolio, are going to want to go with the pre-made websites because they are a complete turnkey solution, priced substantially lower than our customized websites, and have all of the work already taken care of.

Question #7: Can You Rank The Website Or Create Content For Me?

We do offer additional services to help you market the website and continue creating new content that your visitors want to see.

Steady promotion and creating new content are the backbone of any successful affiliate marketing business, so if you don’t feel like doing it yourself, or are afraid of handling the process by yourself, we are more than happy to help you.

You can find out more about our marketing and copywriting services by reaching out to us.

Question #8: Who Is This Service Best For?

In our experience, there are two types of people that are going to benefit most from our pre-made websites.

The first are complete beginners, looking to break into the affiliate marketing industry.

Beginners looking to purchase a premade website can shorten their learning curve, and guarantee that they’re not going to have to learn hard lessons from the mistakes that they’ll make as they learn to navigate through the industry.

Experienced marketers looking to scale their portfolio can grow their business by investing money instead of more of their time.

When it comes to growing your business, any task that you can outsource (especially when it comes to building new websites) is going to free up more of your time to focus on the big picture decisions that need to be made, instead of dealing with technical difficulties and the hurdles associated with hiring people, and delegating tasks to them.

Question #9: How Much Content Will The Website Have?

Content is the backbone of any successful affiliate marketing business, and we fully understand how powerful the right types of content can be to helping you rank higher in the search engines and convert more of your visitors into paying customers.

wordpress content editor

Each pre-made website that we build has a total of 6 blog posts (10,000 words = 1 pillar article, 1 buying guide and 4 product reviews) that are geared towards converting your visitors into sales, and include full keyword research to ensure that the search engines know what to rank you for, and that you have a fighting chance of showing up near the top of the search results pages.

We have packages available to increase the amount of content you have, so once you’ve purchased the website we can continue developing it for you.

Question #10: Do You Offer Support If I Need It?


We fully understand that buying a pre-made or custom website is only the beginning of your journey into the affiliate marketing industry.

As it stands right now, we have 50 training videos to help guide you through every step of the process, and also offer a full Traffic Acquisition Guide to every client so you know exactly what you need to be doing to promote the website and drive new traffic to your content.

We’re also available through Skype and email after the sale, so that you can have any of your specific-to-you questions answered quickly, and thoroughly.

This isn’t a one-and-done service where you’re going to be left figuring out what you need to do by yourself, because we know that doing so leads to frustration, and if you’re trying to stay motivated during the first few months of owning your business, frustration can be a huge problem.

Question #11: Why Shouldn’t I Just Build The Site Myself?

You could take that route. Until you start to think about everything that’s involved, and the learning curve (and painful mistakes) that come along with the process.

Over 8 years, we’ve learned exactly what works, how to structure websites to please both visitors and search engines, and how to choose niche markets that aren’t too competitive, but still competitive enough to prove that there’s enough customers available to build a business around.

Breaking it down from beginning to end, there’s a lot that you have to learn if you want to be successful.

You’re going to have to figure out how to build the site in WordPress, which theme to use and how to customize it to your liking, which plugins to use and how to get them all to work together properly, how to write content that converts visitors into sales, and then you still have to learn how to properly promote the website to generate traffic over the long-term.

It’s easy to see why so many people bail out on the idea of building an affiliate marketing business when they’ve only put a few months into learning how, and actually building their website.

We’ve created our premade websites to help overcome that problem, and help more marketers and entrepreneurs become successful without having to learn every part of the process by themselves.

Question #12: It’s Too Expensive! Do You Offer Discounts?

Currently, we do not offer direct discounts on the sites that we are building for you.

And here’s why.

Our pre-made websites are already priced to remain competitive in the industry, and the amount of time and work that goes into each one already guarantees that they are cheaper than what you could achieve by completing the process yourself.

We have long-standing relationships with our designers and copywriters to ensure that you’re getting the best of the best, and paying the lowest price possible for the service you’re receiving.

Each website that we build includes custom design, premium themes and plugins that would cost more than what you’re paying for the site you’re getting, and you would still need to then pay a designer and copywriter to put the rest of the site together for you.

You are getting an awesome deal

When you break down the time investment required to get to the point you’re at when you take ownership of one of the sites we’ve built, the small amount that you’re spending on the site becomes inconsequential in the process, and makes the decision even easier.

Buying a premade website isn’t an expense, in the traditional sense of the word.

By purchasing one of our pre-made websites, you’re actually making an investment into your business, and some of the most successful people we know all understand the value of spending money to make money, especially when it comes to saving themselves time and purchasing from professionals that know more about the process than the entrepreneurs and marketers, themselves, do.

Question #13: Why Should I Trust You To Build My Site?

In short, because we’ve been down the road that you’re about to travel down, and we’ve helped countless clients navigate down the same path, as well.

In the last 8 years, we’ve been through the trials and tribulations associated with becoming a successful affiliate marketer, and can help you keep from making those same mistakes.

We’ve been able to garner a 96% success rate when it comes to building successful affiliate marketing and FBA websites, and stand behind every website we build and every client we help.

We’re 100% confident that when you buy a turnkey website through Brand Builders that you’ll be completely satisfied, or we’ll continue working until you are.

If you’re new and want to bypass the steep learning curve, or you already have a website (or a few websites) and want to scale your portfolio without getting bogged down in the day-to-day building of the site itself, our pre-made websites are an excellent option.

There’s one exception to the rule, though.

We do not generally offer discounts, because what you’re getting with one of our pre-made websites is an amazing deal already.

However, to help launch our new service, we’re offering a one-time early bird special to people that have subscribed to our newsletter.

This is one of the rare occasions that you’re going to be able to save even more money by purchasing one of our pre-made websites than they’re already designed to save you.

Take this opportunity to shorten your path to becoming a successful affiliate marketer by clicking here, and preparing yourself for the launch of our brand new service.

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