$100k Case Study Update #6 – Four Figures

Case study update 6 - four figures

Whoa... It's been a while since I published a case study update.

No worries, though. I (definitely) haven't forgotten about this project.

We're still grinding and hustling our way to reach our goals, but I really wanted to wait till we get some real traction before I hit the 'publish' button.

That said, I'll quickly summarize what I've done since the last update and then venture in to the numbers and graphs. That's the most interesting part, right?

Things I've Done Since The Last Update

  • Added 94 new posts. Site now has 251 published posts and over 300k words of high-quality content.
  • Changed the layout of our product reviews.
  • Changed the layout of our buying guides (new slick tables!).
  • Completely revamped the homepage so the site now looks like a real authority site (and to improve our crawl rate).
  • Added a new category to battle the seasonality of our niche.
  • Continued developing our micro-category that tackles different types of gear.
  • Launched a pretty sick link building campaign.
  • A lot more under-the-hood stuff.
  • Profit? You betcha!

So, my last update was 76 days ago. A lot of everything happened during that time. 

Let's start with complete traffic and revenue numbers for August, then September, and finally October.

Traffic - August

traffic numbers for august

Earnings - August

earnings august

Not bad considering that the site was 8 months old at the time. We've finally started picking up the sweet organic traction for a couple of our money pages and that resulted in a solid month.

Let's move on to September...

Traffic - September

traffic september

Earnings - September

earnings september

Wait, what? Did your traffic almost 2x in one month?

Yap ;).

Our revenue has also increased by 60(ish) %. 

That is why it's really, REALLY important to continue working on your site after you build it (or we build it for you). Don't give up after a couple of months if you don't see any traction or money coming in - that's completely natural.

Google rewards consistency.

If you thought that September was interesting, wait till you see October...

Traffic - October

traffic october

Earnings - October

earnings october


This is what we've worked for this entire year. 

The headline of this posts was a white lie (sorry) - we ALMOST reached four figures, but we're on the right track to break the barrier this month.

It's a lot more difficult to scale the website from $100/mo to $1,000/mo than it is to get it from $1,000 to $10,000/mo.

Now, the fun begins...

I made a couple of mistakes when choosing the niche for this case study. The biggest mistake was not paying enough attention to seasonality.

This is an off-season period for our site, and that's the main reason why we'll (probably) fail the case study. 

I'm currently working on fixing that by adding a couple of silos that focus on this specific time of year, so that we can completely bypass the seasonality in 2018.

To wrap up this update, here are a couple of screenshots for 2017 so far:

Traffic - 2017

traffic 2017

Earnings - 2017

earnings 2017

Everything looks great and the project is progressing nicely. 

I have a lot of plans for this site and I won't stop working on it till we reach (at least) $300k valuation somewhere in 2018.

I hope that you enjoyed this update. If you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comment box below.

Till next time...

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