Amazon Affiliate Websites So Strong, We Have a 96% Success Rate

Done-For-You Custom Amazon Affiliate Sites and Niche Websites for Sale – Built By Industry Leading Professionals

Whether you’re trying to get started making money online, or you already have a large portfolio of Amazon affiliate websites and want to take a more “hands-off” approach to building your business, you’ve landed on the right page.
At Brand Builders, we take the guesswork and time-intensive site building process out of your hands and leave it up to our huge team to build the business you’ve dreamed of, while you sit back and watch.

Since 2008, our websites have dominated numerous industries online, built on data-backed principles using the latest marketing strategies to drive huge amounts of traffic on a daily basis.

If you’ve ever gotten bogged down with the details, thinking you need to be a technical mastermind, or that you need to have a Master’s degree in digital marketing, we’re here to tell you to relax.

You can finally hand off the process to someone that has a 96% success rate building websites that turn a profit using the easy-to-manage affiliate marketing business model.

Whether you’re starting from scratch or you have already paid another company to start your website but were left less-than-impressed with the results they’ve delivered, we can help!

We’ll either start with a blank slate or upgrade your existing website with the visual and structural cues required to take it to the next level and grow the traffic and earnings.

Only Amazon Sites?

If you’d like to use some other monetization method other than Amazon Associates program – like Clickbank, CJ, ShareASale, etc. – no problem!

We have tons of experience with dozens of different affiliate programs and you can rest assured that your project will be handled by top experts in the field.

Our Affiliate Sites Are Perfect For Beginners

When you’re just getting started trying to make money online and build an affiliate marketing business, you’re going to get overwhelmed with the sheer amount of information that’s being thrown at you by all of the leading marketing gurus.

They’re all dying for your attention, trying to convince you that you need the latest, greatest technique that you absolutely MUST do if you want to ever have a chance of making a single dime online.

Except they don’t tell you that the strategies they’re trying to sell you are rehashed information that they’re pitching for anywhere from $99 to $999 (and more) a pop.

With so much information being pushed onto you on a regular basis, it’s not a question of if you get overwhelmed, but when you get overwhelmed, and how long it takes you to regain your bearings and actually start taking action on everything you’ve learned.

Over the years, we’ve figured out that the successful affiliate marketers and authority site builders aren’t the geniuses among us. They’re the people who pushed the information overload to the side and actually took action.
Taking action is easier said than done, though. That’s why we’re here to help you.
We understand how frustrating it can be trying to learn everything that comes with building a simple website, writing copy that converts visitors into sales, getting traffic to your website, and building the website so that it can scale into the future.

By leaving the process up to us, you’re getting the only true shortcut available to making money.

That shortcut is using our years of experience to pull together the different pieces of the puzzle so you can focus on doing what you love to do, instead of getting bogged down with everything you think you need to do.
What You'll Get By Working With Us

Don't Know Which Niche To Choose?

No worries.

We know how to identify profitable niches, and are more than happy to introduce you to one that meshes well with what you’re trying to achieve online.

OR if you want a quick and easy solution, and don’t want to wait for us to build you a custom website – choose one (or more) of our niche websites for sale. These pre-made turnkey Amazon Affiliate Sites will allow you to start growing your portfolio within 24 hours!

At Brand Builders, we take the guesswork and time-intensive site building process out of your hands and leave it up to our huge team to build the business you’ve dreamed of, while you sit back and watch.

How This Works?

Here’s what we’ll do for you:
Market Analysis
We learn all about your target demographic and competitors’ weaknesses.
Keyword Research

We’re giving you the process that has worked for us for so many years, and putting that process to work in your own Pre-Made niche websites for sale.

Content Development
We’ll develop all of the content you need using the highest grade copywriting in the industry. Our unique position allows us to obtain premium copywriting without busting your budget.
Web Design
We have a team of highly skilled web designers that stay up to date with the latest user experience and web design principles to ensure you’re receiving a beautiful, functionally focused website that is easy to use and attractive to look at.
Search Engine Optimization
We’re giving you the process that has worked for us for so many years, and putting that process to work in your own Pre-Made niche websites.
Pass The Baton
Once the niche is chosen, the website is built, copywriting is created, and the search engine optimization is taken care of, we’ll get you to pick it apart and let us know your thoughts.

Then, after working closely together, we’ll pass the baton to your newly created website, and give you the tools and framework you need to turn it into a successful, thriving affiliate marketing business.

That's Just The Beginning... Once We Hand Over The Site, You'll Also Get:

Traffic Acquisition Guide
While search engine traffic may be the highest quality traffic you can pull into your site, it’s not the end-all-be-all of profitable traffic sources.

With our Traffic Acquisition Guide, we’ll break down numerous marketing strategies you can use to ensure your website is safe from any Google algorithm updates and penalties and put it in front of millions of highly targeted visitors on a regular basis.
Post Sale Training (Videos!)
We’ve created more than 50 training videos that give you an over-the-shoulder look at how to overcome technical hurdles and dig deeper into the strategies that we’ve laid out for you.

And, most importantly, we give you the complete blueprint you’ll want to follow after purchasing the website, so you can start earning and turn your affiliate marketing dreams into a reality.
Top Tier Support
Once the website is built, our job isn’t done. We know that you’ll have questions and may need help from time to time.

In cases like those, we’re always here to help you out. We have an amazing customer support team in place to make sure you’re never left guessing what to do next, or how you should handle a situation if something comes up.
100% Satisfaction Guarantee
If you’re not satisfied, we’re not satisfied.

If, at any point, you’re not satisfied with the work that we’ve done for you, don’t be afraid to let us know. Our friendly support team will assist you until you are 100% happy with your purchase and your brand new business.

Let Us Build You a TRUE Digital Asset

Built Using Proven Data-Backed Principles

We’ve built hundreds of websites and have access to large amounts of data.

That means we know what works, and there is no guessing involved.

Instead of trying to figure out who you should listen to, or risk your business using shady techniques that the big name gurus have told you are an absolute MUST DO if you want to succeed online, we can guide the way using the hard facts and numbers and proven strategies that have worked with other customers that we maintain active relationships with.

Built For The Long Haul

We’ve watched the search engines and industry trends evolve throughout the years, and know how to stay ahead of them while using time-proven, safe marketing strategies that can easily grow your online business.

Our websites aren’t “rank and bank” parasites that are here today, and gone tomorrow.

Every website we build is here to maintain long-term rankings and become a traffic vacuum that can suck in visitors from all over the internet.

They’re beautiful, functional, and built around high-quality content that converts more of your visitors into cold hard cash.

When you work with us, you don’t have to worry about a random zoo themed character from Google’s webspam team coming in and destroying all of our hard work, and flushing all of your hard earned cash down the drain.

We're Here When You Need Us

We’re available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. If you ever have questions, your answers are a simple message away.

Instead of just taking our word for it, though, look at what some of the industry’s top professionals and our previous customers have said about working with us:

Plans & Pricing

We’ll help you earn more (passive) money & scale your business in no time.
Pick a plan to get started!



One-time fee. No credit card required



One-time fee. No credit card required



One-time fee. No credit card required

Ready To Hand It Over To The Professionals?

We’ve spent years fine tuning our craft, and you get to benefit from the fruits of our labor.

When you’re ready to let us handle the hard work, while you sit back and watch your business grow, it’s time to reach out to us.

Remember everything you’re getting:

Ready To Begin?

Click below to see our plans and pricing details for each of the different Amazon affiliate website packages that we offer.

Any questions? You can book a free consulting call to talk about your online business

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some common questions about this service:
No. We can set everything up after you order one of our packages.
It depends on our workload and your package. Usually around 30 days.

Big NO! We’re all professionals here. This is what we do for a living.

Every site we create is built around your product. Every niche website for sale that you get will be 100% unique and catered to your needs.

Yes, definitely.

This topic is too broad to explain on our sales page, but you can be sure that we know how to put a lot of (targeted) eyeballs on your website once it goes live. Drop us an email for more information.

After the first year, you will have to pay to renew the domain name and the hosting.

The domain name will be ~$10/year. The hosting will be pricier; you can get VPS hosting with us (super fast) for $25/month, or you can get shared hosting with someone like Siteground for ~$3/month.

But the plan is to be making a lot more money than that by the time those services come up for renewal 😀

That’s kind of like asking how far you can walk in your life…

Pretty much as far as you want.

It’s not easy, alright? You aren’t going to be driving a lambo, surrounded by hot people of your preferred gender overnight. This isn’t a Tai Lopez ad.

Some people get their site to a few hundred bucks a month and are happy to leave it where it can pay off the mortgage bill when it’s due.

Others keep growing their site until they’re making 5 or 6 figures per month.

The true black belt internet marketers might make 7 figures per month and have valuations that crack truly staggering amounts of money…

But at the end of the day, how much your site can earn depends on you. We have clients who make a few hundred bucks per month and others who make several thousand.

The win for us is if you do so well that you come back and buy more sites, so we’re motivated to make sure you succeed.

Success starts with good goal setting (How much do you want to make? What is your dream outcome?) and then we help you build a plan to get there.

So really… you can earn as much as you want. But if it were easy, everyone would do it.


Yes, of course! You’re the expert for your niche/product, and your input is greatly appreciated.

We’re also happy to do keyword research with you and help you find amazing topics that are low  competition.

We are happy to make recommendations, but this is your project. We defer to you.

If that happens, we’ll compensate you by adding more of something else (probably articles), for the same cost.

Yes, of course. We will guide you step-by-step through the whole process.

We have a video vault with some great resources on how to use WordPress. We can also give you some of our templates, Standard Operating Procedures, and coaching.

For sure! We can write content, build backlinks, help you launch ads, or whatever it takes to make you more successful.

Yes. Contact us for more information.

We’re glad to issue a refund on work that’s not-yet completed. 

We don’t offer refunds once we finish, but we can help you list the site for sale on Flippa, Facebook, or our premade landing page.

And then if you’re not 110% happy, just let us know. We’re a done-for-you service. We’ll do whatever it takes to make you happy.