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Increase Your Amazon Sales & Make More Money... Without The High Costs

Are you tired of relying solely on Amazon traffic to bring in the sales?


What Are We Talking About?

amazon competition

Competition on Amazon Search can be fierce. There are a lot of merchants selling the same product as you do, but probably at a lower price.

amazon sales

Don’t sit around waiting on Amazon to trickle you in a few sales in hopes that that gives you more exposure.

amazon competition

Send in your own fire-hot, laser-targeted traffic and rocket launch your product to the top of Amazon’s rankings where it can become the hands-free income stream it was meant to be.

Part One: The FANTASY

amazon money crave

The dream is always sweeter than the reality until you get us involved…

"I’ve come up with that killer idea and had my product manufactured. Now all I have to do is get tied in with Fulfillment-By-Amazon and I’ll be printing money left and right!"


And then you were accepted into the FBA program... and nothing happened.

Like we always say, “Dreams are for those who sleep.” We are wide-awake and hustling Amazon sales non-stop. And that’s the difference.


We understand the problem and the danger.

Amazon has all of that targeted traffic and you’re not getting any of it.

Your product is on that back shelf in the dingy part of the basement because it hasn’t proven itself, but it hasn’t been given the chance either! What gives, Amazon!?!?

The last thing you want to do is compromise your entire operation by faking and manipulating your way up Amazon’s rankings.

Been there, done that, fell flat on our collective faces.


So, What is "Fulfillment by Amazon" or "FBA"?

Fulfilled by Amazon means that the seller keeps the item in Amazon's warehouses and lets Amazon ship and pack it. Amazon also handles customer service, so in most cases you will have similar options with items sold by Amazon. Amazon is very focused on customer service, so they encourage the people they partner with to be customer focused as well.

Part Three: The SOLUTION

solution to your money problems

What if I told you that there was a different path, one that was safe, secure and brought lasting results to your business (and income)?

It’s not easy. 

It’s not quick.

It’s not for the faint of heart.

Because this path takes insane dedication, execution based on years of experience, and an infrastructure and a team who knows how to do it right every step of the way, we’ll flat out tell you how it’s done.

There’s no threat to us (if we’re competing in the same niches, then YOU should worry).

It’s like this. I could give you the blueprint and guides on how to build a skyscraper step-by-step. Not only do most people not have the tools and experience, but they don’t have the willpower to follow through, even if it guaranteed that they’d come out the other side as billionaires.

Part Four: The ANSWER

Don’t sit around waiting on Amazon to trickle you in a few sales in hopes that that gives you more exposure.

Send in your own fire-hot, laser-targeted traffic and rocket launch your product to the top of Amazon’s rankings where it can become the hands-free income stream it was meant to be.

This answer can also become a hands-free traffic stream, but only after a crazy amount of effort.

Or you can let us do it for you and let it be hands-free from the start.

Whether you’re starting from scratch or you have already paid another company to start your website but were left less-than-impressed with the results they’ve delivered, we can help.

We’ll either start with a blank slate or upgrade your existing website with the visual and structural cues required to take it to the next level and grow the traffic and earnings.

money making idea

What Do We Do For You?

We do all of it… every single bit. And we do it right.

niche research

Niche & Demographic Analysis

web design wordpress

Front & Back End Web Design

on page optimization

Content & On-Page SEO

backlink building

Backlink Profile Development

What Exactly Does That Mean?

  • Niche & Demographic Analysis
    Our first step is patient, in-depth niche and keyword analysis. This part is crucial because everything is built upon this foundation. We learn all about your product or set of products, the demographic who most desperately seeks to purchase it, and the keywords they use to find it online.
  • Front & Back-End Web Design
    Now that we are inside of their brains and understand every facet of their psyche, we build your new website specifically designed to push every button and scratch every itch in their minds. We also setup all of the technical, under-the-hood aspects that prime your site for success.
  • Content & On-Page SEO
    Our content team are copywriting masters. They already know all of the psychological triggers that work across all niches and verticals at large. We teach them about your product and niche and they apply these principals directly to your content.

    Then we get hands-on with it as editorial overseers. We add a layer of enhancements and on-page optimization based around our work in step 1, because your site isn’t going to sneak in and rank for one keyword. You’re going to dominate.
  • Backlink Profile Development
    And finally, the icing on the cake. We are going to go out into the trenches and market your website around the web in order to develop a backlink profile that will lift and lock your site into the top positions of your niche’s keywords.

Imagine doing that all by yourself?

You could tell us how to build a skyscraper and we still wouldn’t understand.

But we CAN build one heck of a website and rank that sucker too.

What Experienced Entrepreneurs Are Saying About Our Service

"This service is 100% hands-free and allows you to focus on your business..."

As my Amazon business started growing, I knew I needed an authority website to help grow my brand. Andrew was the first one I thought of, because of his history and track record of building these types of websites.

This service is 100% hands free and allows you to focus on your business and not the tedious tasks of ranking and building a website. It's a set it and forgot it process that allows my brand to grow each and every month. Thanks Brand Builders for creating this awesome service.

SCOTT VOELKER  //  Host of TheAmazingSeller.com podcast

"I was able to generate 10 sales per day at $10 profit/sale all because of the hundreds of visitors these sites were driving to my listing..."

Andrew, the main person behind Brand Builders has built both my affiliate site and brand site for my Amazon FBA business.

Almost instantly when I launched my Private Label product I was able to generate 10 sales per day at $10 profit/sale all because of the hundreds of visitors these sites were driving to my listing.

The 2 best parts of having this external channel are that the sales drive up my ranking (resulting in more sales) and if for whatever reason Amazon kicks me off I simply start selling them from my website!


"Working with Brand Builders has been a great experience!"

Andrew and his team made us a great website that we constantly get compliments on. The site currently drives good traffic to our Amazon listings, and additionally gives us great visibility for customers and others; several influencers and business opportunities have found us via the website.

BEN ARNEBERG  //  Entrepreneur & FBA Seller

Need More Proof?

If you'd like to check out a couple of demo sites or success graphs from our previous/current clients, shoot over an e-mail to andrew [at] brandbuilders [dot] io with "Show me the proof" subject line.

boost your business

Build a REAL & LASTING Business

“Okay, guys. We get it. You’ll do a ton of stuff. But what does this stuff do for us? What’s the benefit?”

Here’s the benefit: This new website of yours is going to rank organically and continually push buyers to your products on Amazon. Those verified purchases and reviews are going to rank your products internally on Amazon, which will become a continual stream of hands-free income for you.

But you have to let us take you there first!

That said, we proudly present:


Let us build your brand and promote your products, and you’ll enjoy a…

Hands-Free Solution

web design

Branded Website That Can Survive Any Consolidation

on page optimization

Email List & Retargeted Customers (Gotta Catch’em All!)

amazon sales

Red-Hot Organic Traffic That Drives Your Sales on Amazon/FBA

Amazon-Proof Business No Longer Fully Reliant On Amazon Traffic!

building backlinks

Long-Term Investment In Your Real & Growing Business

24/7 E-mail & Skype Support 

That sounds so good to us that we’re about to slam out some more sites for ourselves.

Our team is ready and can accommodate more work, because this isn’t our bottleneck.

The only way we’ll stop grinding for ourselves is if you have us grind for you…

If you can handle some realistic expectations without going nuts over the excitement, we’d be more than happy to have you on board.

Start Working On Your Brand and ORDER NOW!

Here's What You Can Expect

Month 1

building a site

Site Built & Populated With Content

Month 2

building a site

Promotion With Traffic Starting To Trickle In

Months 3-8

Consistent Traffic & Some Sales On Amazon

Months 9+

constant sales on amazon

Consistent Sales!

Don’t wait around.

The sooner you get this process started, the sooner you move towards a solid passive income stream.

Also, even though we are awesome at what we do, we are only human. There’s only 24 hours per day, so don’t pitter-patter around wondering if you should invest in your business.

Others are pulling the trigger NOW, and your spot in line is moving further back.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us. Otherwise, do what needs to be done.

Click on over to our pricing page and let us know what we can start doing today.

Start Working On Your Brand and ORDER NOW!

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