How To Turn $4,000 Into $100,000 In 12 Months, Or Less (Live Case Study)

What’s up folks? Before we get started, we want to let you in on a giveaway that we’re running.

During this live case study, we’re going to be giving away 5 of our premium affiliate site packages to subscribers at the end. In case you’re not familiar with us, that’s a $3,999 custom done-for-you package that is guaranteed to get you on the road to success.

You can check out the case study updates by clicking here.

More about that at the end, though.

For now, we want to talk about a case study that we’re putting together to show you just how easily you can accomplish your goals, if you simply take massive action and follow the plan that we’ve laid out for you.

And it all starts with picking a niche...

Before you can even start, you’re going to need to identify a profitable niche.

It’s better if you have an interest in the topic, but we’re going to show you that you can build a successful business even if you aren’t necessarily interested in the niche or vertical you choose.

Strategic planning

We’ll break down our thought process, and what goes into determining whether we believe a niche is going to make money in the long term, or not.

By the time we’re done, you’ll have the proper mindset to begin identifying your own niches, and have the confidence needed to pull the trigger and start building out websites for yourself. Or apply it to the premium package you have a chance of winning.

Once we’ve chosen a niche, work will begin on the site.

Then we’ll start driving traffic to the site…

The ultimate long term goal is to get the site to rank highly in the search results, but that takes time and a few other strategies before we can sit back and rely on the search engines themselves.

There are two main strategies (among many others) we use to generate reliable traffic to the sites we build.

Guest posting/outreach and infographics.

Quality content paradox

Guest posting is one of the best ways to tap into a pre-existing audience with the secondary benefit of getting the high-quality links that the search engines are looking for, when it comes time for their algorithms to figure out where you’re going to rank.

It’s a fairly time intensive process, though, and one that a lot of people are simply afraid to start doing. It’s easy to understand why so many people have problems with the technique, because it’s not always a guaranteed payoff.

However, after years of landing guest posts on highly authoritative blogs and websites, we’ve fine tuned the process to ensure our acceptance rate is through the roof.

We’ll teach you exactly how we find websites to guest post on, how we pitch our ideas to them, and how we produce the content once our pitch has been accepted.

Then we’ll dig into how we use infographics to bring in new links to the site on a regular basis, without having to continue working for them.

Infographics, if you aren’t aware, are graphics that are full of information -- hence the name. When you build these (or have them built), you can spread them across the web and let them get picked up by other websites. Each time one of your infographics gets picked up, you get new links to your site.

We’ll also show you how to build up your social profiles so you can send the search engines additional signals that they’re looking for, while also safeguarding yourself from any potential penalties they may deliver down the line.

Social traffic is one of the easiest ways to “growth hack” your website and bring in thousands of visitors every month with fairly minimal effort.

Then, we’ll touch on press releases, how you should structure them, where you should submit them, and why they work so well for solidifying your brand on the internet.

All of these different strategies combined help you build a bulletproof business that’s sucking in traffic from all over the internet, and positioning yourself as the industry leader in your chosen vertical or niche.

Here’s how it will work…

While a majority of the content from this case study is going to be public, you’re going to need to be a subscriber to learn the niche and the URL, when it’s released.

You’re also going to need to be a subscriber to cash in on our giveaway if we happen to miss our goals. That means you’ll need to put your email in the box below to have a chance to win.

After the first month has wrapped up, we’ll reveal the niche to you and go into deep detail about how we chose it, what signals we used to determine if it was profitable, and how we eliminated other niches from the running to finalize our choice and begin the site.

Then, after the second month, we’ll reveal the site URL.

We know that watching the active site being built is critical to helping you pull together the missing pieces of the puzzle, and are more than happy to reveal it to you -- if you’re a subscriber.

Always be selling

After the URL has been revealed, we’ll release new details every month so you can follow along and watch our progress.

  • Our main objective is to show you how to build out a profitable affiliate website, and flip it for at least $100,000.
  • We’ll be doing this with a budget of less than $4,000.

We feel like that is a solid budget to build a healthy affiliate marketing business with, and will cap ourselves so you know we’re not throwing money at the problem just to make it go away.

There’s a couple different approaches we may take when we hit our goal

First, we could flip the site once it hits $4,000 monthly earnings for at least $100,000.

That’s a guaranteed six figures in our pocket for a year’s worth of work, on top of the earnings we brought in each month as the site progressed to the 12 month mark.

Or, we could evolve into building out an FBA business based on what we’ve learned from the affiliate side of the site. FBA is a natural progression and opens the door for even more earnings, long term success, and allows it to be flipped for even more than $100,000.

If we do happen to take the FBA route, we will keep the site and continue developing it, along with the case study, until it reaches a valuation of $500,000.

Only time will tell the exact path we take with it, but it’s going to be exciting. There’s no denying that.

aida content funnel

Onto the good stuff… The giveaway

Here at Brand Builders, we offer 3 different packages, when it comes to building done-for-you affiliate websites. And we have a 96% success rate since we’ve begun building them for clients.

We’re giving away 5 of our most expensive packages to subscribers -- if we fail at building a $100,000 business within 12 months.

Remember that we’ll be revealing the niche 30 days after launching the case study, and revealing the URL after 60 days. Then, we’ll be delivering new updates on a monthly basis until the very end.

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  1. Looking forward to a great learnings from your niche site challenge.

    All the very best and strongly feels that you could easily achieve the target in an year.

  2. This will be fun to follow. My Premium Affiliate site (from BB) should be finished in the few days. Will be fun to follow the two together.

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