In The World Of Amazon FBA & Associates – Volume 1

The world of Amazon FBA and Associates is constantly evolving.

It’s moving so fast that we, at Brand Builders, aren’t able to release content fast enough.

Thankfully, we don’t have to.

To make sure you’re getting the latest information and maintaining your competitive edge, we’re going to start aggregating new content from around the web.

Below is a list of the latest blog posts, articles, and podcasts that we believe all FBA sellers and Associates affiliates need to see.

How To Make It As An Entrepreneur On Amazon

In this blog post, Peter Koch breaks down why many FBA sellers and Amazon entrepreneurs are beginning to drop out of the industry.

While many entrepreneurs get into the industry because they’ve bought into a program that’s promising them overnight riches, only to figure out that it’s actually a lot harder than the creator made it out to be, Peter wants to help people understand what it actually takes.

This is a no-holds-barred approach that you’re not going to hear on another guru’s website, especially if that guru is trying to sell you a program that’s designed to help you become the next overnight millionaire on Amazon.

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Is Your Amazon Reputation Killing Your Sales?

Michael Ugino breaks down exactly what goes into your reputation when you’re selling products on Amazon, and how Amazon’s consumers are different than the type of consumers that most people learn about in college.

The industry is steadily changing, and Amazon is playing a large role in the changes. The days of venturing into a department store and actually putting your hands on a product are being left behind, in favor of buying online, saving money, and having the product shipped to your front door.

In this blog post, Michael dives into the factors that are affecting your sales volume on Amazon, and what you can do to help combat the issues you’re facing with today’s consumer.

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Amazon ratings

Is There Still Room For New Amazon FBA Sellers?

This is a question that many new sellers are going to find themselves asking, whether they’re just getting started into the research phase, or they have chosen a product and are trying to figure out whether or not they should launch it.

Their fears are common, and easily understood.

Entrepreneurs want the most certainty possible before they start risking their time and money on a new business venture.

In this blog post, Stephen of breaks into the questions of whether or not there is still room for new FBA sellers on Amazon’s platform, and what you can do to help yourself remain competitive in an industry that seems over-saturated.

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Amazon vs eBay - 7 Reasons One Will Make You Money

eBay is trying to hold on strong against the behemoth that Amazon has become. Many sellers are finding themselves being torn between the two different platforms.

The 7 Pillars Of Selling Online has put together a blog post that shows you the key differences between eBay and Amazon, and how to decide which platform is right for your business.

They also break down how you can put yourself ahead of the pack on both platforms, so you may not have to choose one or the other in the end.

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How To Be An Amazon FBA Best Seller With A Day Job

A huge portion of the Amazon entrepreneur industry has one major factor in common with one another: many people are building their Amazon businesses while still working a day-to-day job.

Making the transition can be difficult to do, which is why Episode 137 of the AM / PM Podcast was created. In it, you’re going to learn how 7-Figure Amazon Seller, Ryan Rigney, was able to build his business at night and then return back to work as a corporate attorney during the day.

Life wasn’t always flying high for him. He was introduced to eCommerce at the young age of 17, and never let go of the bug once it bit him. Listen to the podcast to learn about some of the hurdles he’s overcome, and how he built his business while still working a busy day job.

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Buying & Selling Amazon FBA Businesses

Sell your FBA business

Most entrepreneurs are looking at the Amazon industry as a way for them to generate an income and build an eCommerce business.

Another, less often talked about, side of the industry is buying and selling established FBA businesses the same way investors buy and sell real estate.

If you’re looking to evolve your operations and take them to the next level, you may want to consider buying and selling established businesses as a way to do it.

Empire Flippers has released a case study, documenting the process of buying and selling $3.6 million worth of FBA businesses.

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Building A 7-Figure Amazon FBA Empire

Hitting that coveted 7-figure mark in sales is one of the biggest goals for most FBA and eCommerce sellers. However, very few people really do it it, and there are quite a few different reasons why those goals seem so unattainable.

To help you understand why so many entrepreneurs can never hit the 7-figure per year mark, and the factors that are holding them back, Ryan Grant teamed up with Marc Guberti of to break it all down for you.

In this post, you’re going to learn how an accountant has turned his business from $100,000 in sales in 2016 to more than $1,000,000 in sales.

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How To Make $40,653.10 Per Month With Amazon Associates

Everybody loves a good case study. We do, and we know you do, too. What seems to be a thing of the past, though -- Associates case studies -- has been brought back to the forefront for our viewing and education pleasure.

At, they’ve recently released a case study showing you exactly what it took to hit more than $40,000 per month in income. Taking it one step further, though, they reveal the website, too, so you can see exactly what it took.

If you’re curious about what it takes to build a 5-figure per month business around Amazon’s Associates program, read the case study and see for yourself.

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How To Launch A Product On Amazon FBA In Europe

The European markets are substantially different than the American markets, when it comes to selling physical products and fulfilling orders. With the European market gaining traction, there really isn’t enough information tailored specifically to European sellers.

That’s why SmartyBro has released a blog post (and course) that shows Greg Mercer mentoring Kim Ellis as they walk through finding a product that will be successful, and then launch the business with the goal of turning 7-figures.

Amazon FBA Europe

If you’re an international seller, or want to see the thought process behind choosing successful products, you’re going to want to see this.

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Q&A: FBA Lost And Damaged Inventory Reimbursement Policy

There’s a major problem facing FBA sellers: figuring out how to deal with lost and damaged inventory that sellers have no real control over.

Thankfully, Amazon has revamped their policies, so if you are having issues now, or have had issues in the past with large amounts of lost and damaged inventory, there could be hope for you.

You’ll want to see a blog post created by, breaking down the policy, and helping you figure out what you can do if you’re dealing with fees associated with lost and damaged inventory.

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