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Is Affiliate Marketing Still a Viable Business Model In 2017?

Affiliate marketing in 2017

Even getting into 2017, affiliate marketing is one of the simplest business models that beginners can jump into. Promoting products on your site and collecting a commission as an affiliate allows you to quickly setup websites, test the waters, and start making money without requiring a huge financial investment from you before you start seeing returns. With so […]

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2-Step Process To 20x Your Amazon Niche Site Value

How to Increase Value of your Amazon Affiliate Website

This post covers the simple, 2-step process that I implemented to increase the value for my niche site by $189,000.Before we get started with all the details, I’m giving you the templates that you must have to do this 2-step process. Additionally, I’ll also give you 15,000 profitable keywords (from REAL Amazon Affiliate Niche Sites), […]

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10 Multi-Billion Dollar Niches That Are Prime For The Taking

best niches for affiliate marketing

Choosing a niche is one of the most difficult things a beginner marketer or business owner can do.  Unless you happen to be highly interested in a topic that already generates billions of dollars a year in revenue, a lot of negative thoughts and self-doubt are going to be running through your mind. To help you […]

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30 (+1) Tips To Instantly Increase Your Amazon Affiliate Earnings

Tips to increase your amazon sales

There’s a ton of information available for you to get started making money from affiliate sites using Amazon’s Associates program.  During our research, though, one aspect that a lot of marketers, teachers, and coaches fail to properly address is what to do once you’re finally making money. We’re here to address that problem. Remember, though, that this […]

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From Amazon Affiliate To Fulfillment By Amazon – Your Road Map

from amazon affiliate to fba

Successful marketers around the world have used small niche websites to not only get started making money from the internet but also to amass large amounts of wealth.One downside to affiliate based income, though, is that it’s actually harder to scale than other types of business models.Getting your feet wet with affiliate websites is still one […]

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