In The World Of Amazon FBA & Associates – Volume 2

In our effort to make sure you’re staying at the forefront of the industry, we’ve compiled the best of the best from the last 2 weeks in the world of Amazon.

If you’re an FBA seller or an Amazon Associates affiliate, here is some of the best content that we’ve found, that has been released within the last 2 weeks.

Can You Really Make Money As An Amazon Affiliate?

One of the biggest questions new marketers and entrepreneurs find themselves asking, especially with the market seeming to be so saturated, is whether or not it’s actually possible to make money as an Amazon Affiliate.

Roderick, from One More Cup Of Coffee breaks down whether or not it’s still possible to make good money as an affiliate, and the steps that you need to take to start making your first sales.

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Can The Amazon Local Associates Program Help Your Small Business?

Amazon recently expanded their Associates program to include a new Local Associates program.  This allows small businesses and entrepreneurs to increase their revenue by promoting products that are being sold on Amazon.

amazon local associates

In this post by Michael Guta at, he dives deep into the new program, what it means for both affiliates and small business owners, and whether or not he thinks it’s a viable addition that’s going to be around for the long haul.

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How To Get Reinstated After Being Banned From Associates

It’s unfortunate when it happens, but with Amazon changing up their Terms of Service so much, it can be hard for affiliate marketers to stay up to date, and some of those marketers may end up breaking the rules and finding themselves on the receiving end of the ban hammer.

If you’ve gotten your account disabled either by knowingly breaking the rules, or because you pushed the limits and didn’t realize that Amazon changed their Terms of Service to reflect the strategies that you were using, Authority Hacker has created a podcast episode just for you.

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The 6 Best Amazon Associates WordPress Plugins

woocommerce for amazon associates

When it comes to building Amazon Associates-based websites, WordPress is one of the easiest platforms to use and perfect for beginners to start making their first dollars.  The amount of plugins you can install make it incredibly simple to start building out Amazon websites.

HowToPlugin, a well-known WordPress Plugin aggregator has recently published a blog post that breaks down 6 of the best plugins that Amazon Associates members can use to draw in content, make it easier to make money, and optimize their pages for higher conversions.

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How To Build An Affiliate Store Using WordPress

Since the beginning of the Amazon Associates program being introduced to affiliates around the world, those affiliates have wanted to create a “storefront” -- or make their websites look and feel like an eCommerce website without having to manage inventory, shipping, and customer service.

WPBeginner understands the frustrations of trying to make an Associates-based store look and feel like a real store, while also maintaining proper functionality, and have put together a blog post that breaks down how you can build a storefront as an Amazon affiliate.

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Confusion About FBA Fees?

Amazon’s FBA fee structure can be incredibly confusing, even to veteran sellers.  Trying to decipher how much you’re going to be charged based on the types and weight of the products you’re selling and getting your products listed is frustrating, to say the least.

A recent forum thread on the Seller Central forums has one seller reaching out for assistance with understanding how the fees are structured.  If you’re confused about the FBA fees, or what to make sure you’re positive about what it will cost to sell on Amazon, the forum thread has the answers you’re looking for.

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Using Shopify FBA For Amazon Products

Quite a few Amazon FBA sellers are beginning to move a part of their business over to Shopify FBA so they have more control over the process and how they’re able to communicate with their customers to ensure they’re staying within the Terms of Service.

However, getting both platforms to work together can create issues.  One user created a thread on the Shopify forums with questions about how to address the issues that are happening, and what other sellers can do to implement Shopify FBA.

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Amazon FBA Product Restrictions

Whether you’re trying to sell a single product, a few products, or a full catalog of products, you need to be aware that Amazon has restricted certain product groups and categories from being sold on their platform.

amazon fba product restrictions

Even though you may see products being sold on Amazon, you may not necessarily be eligible to sell those products through FBA. 

To help you understand these restrictions and which types of products are unable to be sold on FBA, you will want to see this post from ecomdash.

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$10,000 Invested, $65,000 Per Month Returned On Amazon FBA

making money online

Right now, more and more entrepreneurs are figuring out exactly what’s possible with the dropshipping business model when it’s coupled with Amazon’s powerful FBA platform.  One of those entrepreneurs Dean Christener.

If you’ve never heard of him, that’s alright.  In a recent podcast episode on the AMPM Podcast, Dean was interviewed and broke down exactly how he turned a $10,000 investment into more than $65,000 per month in revenue using Amazon FBA.

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The Best Way To Learn Amazon FBA

There’s no doubt about it, Amazon FBA isn’t going anywhere, and the market is far from saturated.  Creative entrepreneurs are generating millions of dollars in revenue for themselves every year, and new entrepreneurs are taking note.

If you’re wondering how to actually get started selling on Amazon, a guide that was recently published by Roderick at One More Cup Of Coffee breaks down the process for you, and gives you a few shortcuts so you can start seeing sales as quickly as possible.

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