9 Freelancers That Can Help Your Amazon FBA Business Grow

Do you dream about a 6-figure income?

Do you think your Amazon FBA business can accomplish that? You know your business has the potential. If you only had the time…

Is your day filled with essential, but repetitive tasks? Tasks that are important for running the business, but not helping you grow your business?

Are you stuck because your budget doesn’t allow you to hire the right people and to set them up in offices? Yet, you need them, and you need them today. 

Make your dream a reality. You’re not dreaming too big.

Your Amazon FBA business can generate you a 6-figure income. How? 

An effective method of dealing with this conundrum is hiring freelancers to help you out with repetitive but critical tasks so you can free up your own plate for the big-picture strategies. (Connor Gillivan, FreeeUp.com CMO and Amazon seller since 2009) 

Connor Gillivan now generates $1-2 million in revenue yearly.

Earning A Lot Of Money

But he was once in the same situation you are in now. He was both too busy to grow the business, and short of helpers. Then he began outsourcing to freelancers. This freed up his time. By outsourcing, he could hire freelancers who had specific skills without needing to equip them or to pay for office space. 

What should you outsource? According to Connor, there are 9 key functions of your Amazon FBA business that you can outsource to freelancers. 

Product Sourcing 

For your Amazon FBΑ business to grow, you need to expand your product range. Product sourcing freelancers specialize in this area.

They know how to source products that are in demand. The higher the demand for a product, the fiercer the competition, however.

Create a checklist with the product criteria to guide the freelancer what to search for. Include the product price and the niche you are selling in. This makes it easier for the freelancer to compare products, to search for seasonal products, and to find products that complement your portfolio. 

Product sourcing may be domestic, or you can source products internationally from countries like China. You can outsource to freelancers who are residents in the country you are sourcing products from to get even better results. 

Have a backup plan to maintain stock levels. Let your freelancer source more than one supplier of the same product. If the one supplier cannot provide stock or cannot get it shipped out on time, then you have other suppliers to fall back on. This way, you never run out of product.

Supplier Communications 

The ideal is that your supplier can communicate in English so that you can speak with the supplier directly if required. For instance, your freelancer might leave you or a situation may occur that requires your direct input. 

Don’t assume, however, that because it’s commerce that the suppliers and manufacturers speak English.

Don’t assume that they can express themselves and understand you perfectly. Language can be a real barrier when communicating with international suppliers. One way to overcome this obstacle is to have a freelancer who is fluent in both languages – English and the source country’s language. The freelancer doesn’t have to be a resident of the country. This is also helpful, however, if you want them to lend a hand when it’s time to do product quality control.

Bilingual Skills

If your suppliers speak English well enough, international freelancers can help you a great with staying on top of communications. Many experienced freelancers have built relationships with specific manufacturers and already have open channels of communication.

Going out of Stock can be like a death sentence to a business. Efficient supplier communication helps your freelancer to stay up to date with stock levels.

By maintaining good inventory levels, you’re ready for any excess demand customers might have. Especially when you sell seasonal products, you want to make sure you are prepared. You don’t want to run out of Valentine's gifts just a few days before Valentine’s Day. 

Inventory Management 

Good inventory management is essential but time consuming.

Hire a freelancer to help you keep an eye on stock levels and make projections about anticipated increases in sales volume. If your account is managed poorly, it may lead to suspension from Amazon. It’s therefore important to have an expert manage your inventory. 

You don’t want to be out of stock, but neither do you want to carry dead capital. Good inventory management will consider all factors and keep stock at the right levels. Freelancers with experience will know certain things like using software tools to compute sales data and order quantities. If you already have preferred tools, you can find a freelancer who can expertly wield them. Software can streamline and automate your operations, but you still need someone to operate it and analyze the results for you. 

Amazon Prime members get free 1-day shipping and Amazon Premier members receive 2-hour free shipping. Such high expectations, and yet Amazon manages to grow at a 20% rate yearly.  How do they do it? The secret to Amazon’s success is that they outsource inventory management. If this company that reached $100 billion sales revenue within 20 years outsources its inventory management, shouldn’t you? 

Storefront Design 

Branding! Branding! Branding! With the opportunity to design your own storefront, you have no excuse for bad branding. 

The storefront design is what draws potential buyers into a shop. If you like what you see while window shopping, you’ll enter the store, even if you weren’t planning on buying. The same principle works online. Your branding will pull customers into your online store because it promises them a good experience. 

A professional will design a storefront that is unique to your brand and enhances it with the application of custom curation and integrated promotions. Give customers an experience that turns them into loyal customers. The secret lies in customization. For this, you need an experienced designer who can take your ideas and information and turn them into a high-converting store.

Listing Optimization 

Just like on Google, you need to rank on Amazon.

Your product detail pages need to be optimized for the Amazon search engine to be able to draw potential customers. When you open a search on Amazon, you’ll notice both organic listings and paid ads. Amazon sells both products and ads. Hence, to really get attention on Amazon, you need to focus on optimizing your product listings. 

Boost Your Amazon Ranking

A listing optimization freelancer understands what Amazon wants in the bullet points and knows the intricacies of adding keywords and updating product descriptions. Amazon customers search with a different approach than the average Google user. On Amazon, your customer is a buyer and is searching for a specific product. Therefore, your content needs to be relevant and lead the customer to act by clicking on the purchasing button. 

A properly optimized page will increase visits and boost sales. Amazon has strict guidelines for optimization, so you will require the services of a professional.

Enhanced Brand Content (EBC)

Enhanced brand content can push your revenue to the next level. With EBC, brand sellers describe their products differently. With enhanced images, text placement and a unique brand story, conversions increase. 

Use EBC to provide solutions to concerns and answers to questions that customers have before purchasing the product. By answering the question before it is asked, you remove unnecessary purchasing hurdles. 

A freelance copywriter or branding specialist will optimize the enhanced brand content on your pages. EBC specialists can also help you avoid violating Amazon’s rules regarding EBC. This is very important to get your pages approved so you can start attracting more customers.

Customer Service 

One of the benefits of Amazon is that they can provide customer service for you.

You still need to be of service your customers, however. Happy customers are loyal customers, and you need to go the extra mile. 

You may have the best products, the greatest brand, and world-class inventory management. If your service pushes customers away, you can’t make sales. If there is only one function you want to outsource, then customer service is the one to focus on. 

Your Customer Support

With different time zones, especially if you export products, customer service needs to be active around the clock. By outsourcing to international freelancers, your customer service department will serve customers in real time.

Project Manager

By outsourcing the above tasks, you have already freed up a lot of your time. There’s just one more operations item to get off your plate.

With so many workers doing all these tasks, you need a project manager to oversees everyone else. Otherwise, you will just get busy all over again trying to keep everyone organized and on track. With a project manager, you only need to oversee one person. 

With correct systems in place, the problems that you have to get involved in will be minimized. Your project manager will handle most issues and problems. You only need to step in when it is a major problem. This manager will lead workers and keep them motivated, overseeing all the functions while ensuring that everyone is on schedule. 

Personal Assistant

Now you can focus on what you do best – growing your Amazon FBA business. Before you get bogged down with meetings, schedules, and administrative tasks, hire a personal assistant. 

Personal Assistant

A personal assistant will keep you on track. You can delegate some tasks that you personally need to get done. You can have your calendar organized to filter out unnecessary appointments and make sure you make important ones.

A personal assistant can even take care of some of your communications and scheduling. The more time you can free up, the more you can focus on building a stronger business.


Connor Gillivan and his partner Nathan Hirsch aren’t the only ones who have succeeded in growing their Amazon business.

Dan Meadors and Eric Lambert became so busy that they had to leave their fulltime jobs. What started as a hobby for them became a business that made $13 million in sales revenue. They aren’t the exceptions. You can find tons of other eCommerce business owners who have struggled with making their businesses a success.

What these sellers will tell you is that it takes a lot of hard work, and you can’t do it on your own. You need a good system in place and enough people to take on the various essential functions. 

Are you ready for the challenge of taking your business to the next level?

Take Connor’s advice and free up your time by outsourcing to freelancers. Sit down and make a list today of all the tasks and functions you can delegate. Then outsource to freelancers so that you can grow your Amazon FBA business.

Start here to make your dream become a reality.


Connor Gillivan is the author of Free Up Your Business: 50 Secrets to Bootstrap Million Dollar Companies, a serial entrepreneur, and the CMO and co-founder of FreeeUp.com. When he's not bringing together hundreds of freelancers and business owners, he's mentoring entrepreneurs through his site, ConnorGillivan.com. He currently lives in Denver, Colorado.

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