Success Story: Proactive Approach Definitely Pays Off

Hey guys,

I'd like to introduce Keith, an old customer that's has been willing to invest into his site over and over.

I know for a fact that many people have doubts when they first start, but those doubts are actually in themselves.

You might believe our testimonials and case studies, and have no doubt that people can have success with us, but do you believe YOU can do it too? That’s a hugely unaddressed area of entrepreneurship, and is the death of many dreams.

This is why I’m so happy to share Keith's story with you all, and why he agreed to be interviewed. Keith started from zero, and is now on his way to becoming a great success. He’s already an inspiration too.

So, let's dive into Keith's story:

My History

Prior to starting my site with Brand Builders, I had zero experience with making an affiliate site. 

I had never created or run a website before so I was brand new to the idea. However, I did do over a year’s worth of research and gathered information.

I began to follow along with some of the most successful affiliate marketers out there in hopes to learn the process. I did not take a training course or seminar. I learned on my own, at my own pace, little by little.

I listened to podcasts and began to see common themes and best practices shared by most online gurus. I then bought my first keyword research tool and starting analyzing niches.

I had found my niche that I wanted to explore, stumbled upon Brand Builders, and almost immediately knew I’d use them to get the site up and running.

Why Brand Builders?

I found Brand Builders while following Jon Gillham, and I had found them at just the right time! 

I was just about to get started on choosing a domain name and building my site when I began reading what Brand Builders had to offer.

At first, it sounded almost too good to be true.

I quickly realized by spending some money, I could cut about 6 months of development time off my production schedule. What would take me 6 months to learn on my own with WordPress, I could have completed in a few months with Brand Builders.

It was totally worth it!

I chose Brand Builders to get a jump start on site development and take the creation of the site’s foundation out of my hands and off my plate. It was a great decision and I’d do it again in a heart beat!

My Niche

I had a number of different niche ideas that I was considering but I ultimately chose the one I’m in based on keywords and some personal interest in the topic.

Was I in love with the topic? No, but I had some general interest.

I had other niches that I was way more interested in personally but the market, size and scope of those projects along with competitiveness made me nervous. I chose a small niche on purpose to be able to attack the keywords and project in sizable chunks.

Luckily, it’s also a niche that I can expand on over time. I’ve heard Perrin Carrell say that if you’re just starting out, start super small and focused, just to get your feet wet. Then expand from there. For new comers like me, I’d highly recommend that approach. 

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The Process

My experience with Brand Builders has been very good.

I felt connected during the site’s creation and was allowed to make changes as I saw fit. Since I was not an expert, I left the layout to them and just made small changes to images etc. Working with the folks that were working on my site was easy.

I never felt ignored or neglected. I was even given access to site along the way so I was able to track the progress being made on it.

Any and all technical questions I had after receiving the site were answered in a timely fashion and with no hassle. I’ve even asked technical questions a year after being handed the keys to my site and the people at Brand Builders have always been willing to help. 


So far the site has done well. Is it making me rich? No, but as I plan to expand and scale the site, it is now able to fund it’s development on it’s own, a little at a time.

I am very pleased with it’s progress and look to grow what I’ve been able to get out of it.

The attention I’ve given the site definitely correlates with what I get out of it. It’s not a full time thing for me so I’ve chipped away at it as time permits. The more time I’ve given it, the more it has given back to me. 

Feedback For Others

Affiliate sites are NOT passive income opportunities.

It requires work, lots of diligent work. I’m talking about getting up at 5am and plugging away each and every day.

It took the better part of 12 months before I saw glimpses of a return on investment for me. But, it’s worth it.

And when you get a small taste of success, the more you’re willing to put time into it. It’s addictive, but it’s not passive.

So be prepared to put the work in. If you’re not serious or “all in”, don’t bother trying. 

If you are going to give it a try, I will echo what I said above...start super small and super niche and learn the process. Starting super niche allows you to focus on the details and expand out from there. It’s just easier to manage when you start with a smaller market or niche.

I would recommend Brand Builders to anyone starting their first site!

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  1. very good story and glad to hear about your success. This is too short. would please share your keyword postion and how you rank them etc?

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