2016 In Review & What’s To Come In 2017.

Let me start this off by thanking all of our visitors, regular readers, subscribers, and the amazing customers we’ve gotten to know over the last year.

2016 has been amazing for us here at Brand Builders, and the only thing we’re more excited about than the growth we’ve experienced over the last 12 months is what we have coming in 2017.

One of the biggest driving forces behind our business is our customers, and the success that they are seeing through working with us.

Here’s just a small example of some of the amazing growth we’ve been able to provide for a large percentage of our customers:

We’re not happy where we’re currently at, though.

We’re constantly growing, adapting to changes in the industry, tweaking our systems, and upgrading our packages to ensure that they are even more attractive to our current and future clients.

With that said, we’re happy while looking back at the last year, but we have much, much more to come in 2017 that we know you’re going to love.

Here's What to Expect in 2017.

  • A-La-Carte Affiliate and FBA Packages
  • Pre-Made Done For You Affiliate Websites
  • Full Featured Client Dashboard
  • (50) Training Videos
  • New Services & Tweaks To Our Existing Services
  • New Case Studies & In-Depth Blog Posts
  • Progress Updates On Our Current Live Challenge

A-La-Carte Affiliate and FBA Packages

Right now, if you look at our sales pages, you’ll see that we currently offer 3 different packages that customers can choose from, when it comes to building their affiliate or FBA business.

While those 3 packages are perfect for most people, they offer 3 very distinct price ranges.

We get questions from prospective customers all the time, asking if we’re able to mix and match different features of each package into a single, a-la-carte deal.

While this hasn’t been possible, we understand where those customers are coming from, and are making this an option going into 2023.

custom dashboard

With the website as the foundation, you can mix and match different parts of each package together to find the perfect price point, while still maximizing the value that you get out of the service we’re providing.

For instance, we can build your website, a small autoresponder, fill out the website with 20 blog posts, and put together a comprehensive link building plan for you.

We hope that by being even more flexible in our pricing and the options available in each of our packages, we’ll attract even more amazing customers and help them grow their businesses in the year to come.

This is currently in the beta testing phase, and we plan on going live with the A-La-Carte feature during early to mid-January.

Stay tuned for the release!

Pre-Made Done For You Affiliate Websites

Many customers have a hard time figuring out exactly what they want to build their business around, or simply want a turnkey website that they can start growing.

Affiliate marketing is one of the easiest business models for beginners, so we’re going to go above and beyond and start building out 20 pre-made affiliate websites each month that will be indexed and ready to purchase.

If you want to learn more about the prebuilt sites, you’re going to need to be a subscriber, and sign up for our early-bird list.

We’ll be officially announcing the launch of this service in the middle of January, and expect to have the first batch of sites built and ready to purchase by the middle of February.

You can sign up to our early-bird list by clicking here.

Full Featured Client Dashboard

Currently, we handle all of our client communication through email, which causes delays between when we receive the emails and when we’re able to get back to our clients to answer their questions.

In 2023, we intend to speed up the customer service process by implementing a full featured client dashboard.

Inside of the dashboard, you’ll have the ability to track the progress of your project from beginning to end, and receive updates during each phase.

client dashboard

We’ve also put together a comprehensive training program that will help clients hit the ground running, and answer some of the most common questions that we receive.

Right now, there are 50 training videos that cover the entire range of taking over the site, moving around inside of WordPress, and what you should be doing. That means, instead of waiting for a response from us, you can receive training whenever you’re comfortable, by viewing the videos.

You’ll also be able to access our full Traffic Acquisition Guide, so you can begin building traffic to your website as soon as you take the keys to the castle.

The full featured client dashboard is going to be rolled out in January, and will make your life substantially easier when you are putting together your next project.

New Case Studies & In-Depth Blog Posts

We know how helpful case studies are, when it comes to getting people off of the fence and getting them motivated to build their own business, while also helping take them by the hand and show them new techniques that are working for us.

That’s why we have even more case studies planned, and will continue to grow our blog with in-depth blog posts to help you stay at the forefront of the industry, and grow your own business using the latest proven strategies.

Progress Updates On Our Current Live Challenge

If you haven’t been keeping up with our latest updates, we’re running a live challenge, and taking a $4,000 investment and turning it into $100,000 in income in less than 12 months.

In our last update, we chose the niche and have begun work on the project.

To get the latest updates, you’ll want to subscribe by entering your email below.

During month 2 of the project, we’ll reveal the niche to our subscribers, and during month 3 we’ll reveal the URL.

The running bet is that we can build the site out to earn $100,000 in 12 months, or we’ll give away 5 of our premium packages to 5 lucky subscribers.

We have a lot in store for 2023, and hope that you’re just as excited about the year to come as we are going into it.

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