What Is the Constant Contact Affiliate Program?

Affiliate marketing and referral programs can be a complicated field to navigate – there are so many programs available that it can be confusing to decide which is right for you and your business. In this post, we’re going to discuss the Constant Contact affiliate program, its capabilities, and if it’s a worthwhile marketing tool.

What Is Constant Contact?

Constant Contact is an affiliate email marketing brand that provides solutions for e-commerce businesses, websites, and social marketing. The brand has all the tools you need to help you engage with customers in a simple platform with multiple integrations to make tracking, growth, and campaigns simple.

Founded in 1995, Constant Contact has grown to become a leader in online marketing, helping small business owners “simplify the complex task of marketing their business so they can achieve real results and sell more online.”

Their ability to merge multiple tools and advice on one platform helps busy businesses get the results they want to achieve with minimum effort in managing their online tactics – freeing up time for them to focus on the bigger picture.

constant contact affiliate program

How Does the Constant Contact Affiliate Program Work?

With just three simple steps, it’s simple to join Constant Contact’s email affiliate program.

Step One: Sign Up

Once you enroll in the program online, all you need to do is start placing ads and your affiliate link to Constant Contact on your website. These links and ads can be placed wherever you think consumers would find them the most engaging.

Step Two: Get Paid

For each referral, you can earn $5 for each person that signs up for a trial to Constant Contact, and $105 when they pay for a new account. You can get paid on a monthly basis.

Step Three: Track Your Referrals

Keep track of your referrals with ease, thanks to the robust affiliate reporting tool. Here, you’re able to see how many commissions you’ve earned and how many referral links have been generated into results with Constant Contact.

How Do Affiliate Commissions Work with Constant Contact?

The Constant Contact email affiliate program offers a range of benefits for marketers. You’re able to earn $5 (US/CA) for each referral that signs up for a free trial. For referrals who then go on to pay for a new account with Constant Contact, you’ll receive $105.

The free trials are valid for 60 days, and there is no credit card required upon sign up. As an affiliate marketer, you’re able to refer as many website visitors as you can – there is no cap on commissions.

The platform also offers a tracking system that shows you how many leads convert to sales, how many referrals signed up for a free trial, and how much you’re going to get paid every month.

Why Join the Constant Contact Email Marketing Affiliate Program?

Constant Contact offers a range of features that make your brand stand out, allowing you to earn referrals with ease.

Promotional Resources

Constant Contact provides a wide selection of market-tested creative assets you can use on your website. You’re able to choose the products that most effectively compliment your brand’s look and feel, with minimum effort to design, create, and implement new features.

This allows your audience to discover Constant Contact’s awesome features, without you having to roll out a completely new design or make significant changes to your current site. The range of email templates, marketing banners, and ad templates make switching up your look and feel really simple and less time-consuming.

Reliable Tracking

The range of reporting tools that are available through Constant Contact make it easy for you to stay on top of your performance and monthly income. Regardless of the amount of affiliate marketing you use on your website, the reliable tracking platform shows you what’s coming in and where it’s coming from so you can optimize, re-engage, and learn from your performance.

Dedicated Support

Constant Contact has dedicated affiliate managers who are ready to assist you whenever you need it, with personalized support, insight and advice. These affiliate managers enable you to get the most out of the email affiliate program and figure out the best way for you to connect with your audience.

Unlimited Commissions

As we’ve mentioned, you’re able to earn affiliate commissions on all of the referrals who sign up to the free trial ($5 for each free sign up), or sign up for a new account ($105 for every paid sign up!). This allows you to create endless possibilities for income with ease and simplicity.

What Can Your Audience Achieve with Constant Contact?

Constant Contact’s mission is to empower your audience to do more business – specifically, simplifying their online activity, allowing them to focus on their business’s bigger picture, thanks to the wide selection of tools Constant Contact have to improve online performance.

Email Marketing Automation

Their powerful email marketing tools allow consumers to create beautiful email campaigns quickly and provide customers with proven increases in sales and/or donations to their business. Email marketing automation creates and sends more relevant emails to your audience’s specific customers based on their behavior and engagement, using a range of email templates and curated designs.

E-commerce Tools

E-commerce tools and marketing materials allow your audience to get the most out of their online store, with simple-to-use features that take less time to implement. Tools such marketing automation at the exact time they wish – without having to push the button moments before.

Build Awareness

Facebook and Instagram digital products allow your audience to build their brand’s awareness and convert potential new leads into full-time consumers. With a range of programs and easy-to-use features, it’s simple for your audience to take their social status even further.

With a range of affiliate opportunities, Constant Contact affiliate program provides businesses with easy and simple-to-use methods to grow their affiliate marketing directory.

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