How Does the Semrush Affiliate Program Work?

Discover the Semrush affiliate program: a simple, easy-to-use affiliate product that allows businesses to create easy income off the back of their current business ventures and activities. This article will show you what affiliate marketing actually is, how the Semrush affiliate program works, how you can use it, and the benefits that affiliate links can provide your business for both profit and growth.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a performance-based marketing tool that allows businesses to earn commissions for marketing another person, product, or business on their website or through their paid marketing.

So, how does this work? An affiliate link will be placed on your website, and whenever a consumer clicks this link, visits the website, and performs an agreed-upon action, the website where the link was hosted gets a payment.

These actions could be making a purchase, signing up to an email list, creating an account, watching a video, or downloading a document (to name a few!).

The business that hosts the affiliate link will be rewarded based on the amount of clicks the link or advertisement gets. In these cases, the link will be individualized so it can be tracked to see how many people have used it. The business or individual will be rewarded appropriately based on this and the agreed-upon action.

Why Invest Time into Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a low-time, low-effort, easy-return investment for your business. By simply placing a link on your website or running an advertisement for the business you’re doing affiliate marketing for, you’re likely to earn a significant return on your investment without actually having to spend a lot of time. You get a simple return of profit for a simple action!

When choosing an affiliate network, it’s wise to choose a niche that relates to your business and that your current audience would be interested in. Therefore, you’re likely to create more interest and traction for the affiliate business you’re promoting.

What Is the Semrush Affiliate Program?

Now that we have some understanding around what affiliate marketing is, we can dive into the attribution model that Semrush provides their customers. According to the website, BeRush (also known as the Semrush affiliate program) is the number one premium SEO toolkit used by more than 7 million users worldwide.

The program offers customers a recurring commission of 40% on every successful subscription sale, and it can be used by a variety of businesses and freelancers. The affiliate commissions are based on what action the customer takes when they reach the Semrush site – each action provides a different return price for your business.

How Much Can I Earn from the Semrush Affiliate Program?

The action customers take when they use your affiliate link will depend on what return on investment you earn from Semrush.

  • New sale: for every sale made after your link is used, you earn $200.
  • New trial: for every sign up to a 7-day free trial, you make $10.
  • New sign up: for every sign up to create an account, you make $0.01.

As you can see, there are multiple streams of revenue available through this program, so there is a huge amount of income available through affiliate sales with Semrush. Depending on how you advertise the program to your consumers, you can make a significant amount of money from a very simple few actions on your site.

semrush affiliate program

Who Can Become a Semrush Affiliate?

Whether or not you qualify to be an affiliate marketer with Semrush will be dependent on your business model and niche you represent. There are a range of business types that are suitable to use this affiliate application.

Content Publisher

If you’re working in:

  • SEO
  • PPC
  • PR
  • Marketing
  • Content Marketing

then you’re a viable candidate for these promotional materials with Semrush! Any of these businesses or freelancer models are able to promote Semrush on their blog and/or social media channels, or on any other channels they utilize to create a bigger impact radius.

Marketing Agency

If you work as part of a marketing agency, you can set up a referral program where you recommend Semrush to your clients. This way, your big-time clients can start using Semrush, and you can create unique commissions depending on the size and scale of the business that signs up.

Paid Search Specialist

Whether you work as part of an agency or self-employed, you’re able to run paid promo materials on behalf of Semrush.

Semrush provides you with a seven-day free trial with access to specialized landing pages and pre-designed banners. Using these, you’re able to test your audience with a range of different advertising materials and see whether the affiliate program is something that you can advertise within your business model, based on their reaction to the promotions.

If it works for you, you can continue to utilize these materials and run paid advertisements to get people to sign up with Semrush via your business.

Course Creator/Teacher

If you work in education, teach marketing, or you create courses/webinars, you can promote Semrush. There are a range of affiliate earnings you can make using affiliate links and tools within your teaching materials, enabling you to make sales and earn money through your everyday work.

By incorporating this extra income into your daily role, you won’t have to spend any extra time creating additional content or materials to earn an increased income. 

All-Around Marketer

Any type of marketer can access the various resources in the affiliate dashboard to promote Semrush and earn successful sales through the affiliate program.

What Are the Benefits of Working with the Semrush Affiliate Program?

The range of Semrush SEO tools and marketing materials available to those who sign up to Semrush will allow you to market your brand with ease – and earn some significant affiliate applications. This wide range of benefits makes it easy for affiliate marketers to get their consumers engaged with what Semrush has to offer.

Over 40+ tools

When signing up to the Semrush affiliate program, you’ll be able to promote the brand’s international award-winning tools, used by over 7 million marketers. As a successful affiliate marketer, having these incredible stats to share makes it that much easier to promote the Semrush brand.

Last-Click Attribution Model

As an affiliate marketer, you’ll benefit from last-click attribution and 120 days of cookie life. This allows you to get the credit for a sale or conversion when the last click is made on your website or advertisement – and if a consumer doesn’t make a purchase after visiting your website, you can use the 120 days of cookie life to re-advertise to them to help convince them to sign up with Semrush. This is a great addition to your toolbelt as a marketer and means more money in your pocket.

Semrush Popularity

One in four Fortune 500 companies use Semrush, making it an exceptional platform to advertise and use on your website. Semrush gives you maximum exposure to big businesses. The success of Semrush provides you with another great selling point for those referral link opportunities.

Commission Opportunity

Earn a minimum payout of $200 per sign up when you get someone to sign up for a contract with Semrush. This will make your affiliate income sizable if you can get multiple people to sign up with Semrush regularly!

Promotional Materials

When you sign up with Semrush, you’ll get access to a wide range of advertising materials, which will allow you to save time on creating graphics or advertisements and start making money quicker. 

Dedicated Team

Semrush has a dedicated team of experienced account managers that are always available to help you when you need advice or direction. Whatever your question or concern, there’s always someone available to help you or provide you with information should you need it.

How to Apply to the Semrush Affiliate Program?

Once you register for the Semrush affiliate program, you’ll be able to start making successful sales!

When you sign up, you’ll get access to assets and banners and landing pages, ensuring that you can start marketing the program quickly and with minimum effort.

Semrush also provides unique tracking links, enabling you to directly track your business performance directly on the Impact Dashboard. This dashboard allows you to see how many sign ups you’ve created, what type of sign ups they are, and how much money you’ve made.


The Semrush affiliate program is a simple, easy-to-use affiliate marketing program that allows relevant businesses to advertise Semrush’s services on their websites and make money when people sign up through their unique links.

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