Useful Plugins for Affiliate Websites

Plugins help to make your affiliate marketing business scalable and efficient. Some help track customer journeys on your website, to the merchant’s website; others help you automate commission payouts, yet others help with data analysis. 

Here are 4 of the most useful affiliate website plugins.

Pretty Links

Pretty Links is a URL shortener that enables you to shorten your affiliate links to make them more attractive to the customers, increasing click-through rates. The plugin also enables you to share and track your affiliate links easily. The Pretty Links plugin prevents link theft and outsmarts ad blockers.

It has a feature that helps to avoid ranking penalties. Most search engines algorithms do not favor websites that have many affiliate links. However, as an affiliate website, you rely on affiliate links to make revenue. Therefore, you need to add many affiliate links while ranking on search engines.

Pretty Links enables you to automatically add “rel=follow” on all your affiliate links via the plugin’s interface. Therefore, when the search engine crawls your website for affiliate links, it skips the affiliate links. It also prevents link theft.

The WordPress plugin is available at an annual subscription fee. Notably, Pretty Links also has an affiliate program that you can join to make revenue.


MonsterInsights is one of the best Google Analytics plugins for WordPress affiliate websites. It is easy to set up and has a unique “affiliate link tracking” feature. It provides an in-depth report for your affiliate campaigns, including bestselling and worst-selling products and pages. With this information, you know how to optimize your content to increase your revenue.

It has a simple to use dashboard and delivers real-time stats across different devices. Like pretty Links, Monsterinsights also has an affiliate program where you can earn a 20% commission through their referral links. Annual subscriptions start at $99.50.


Semrush is a universal keyword research tool. When added to your affiliate marketing websites, it gives you insight into the best keywords to use to rank your website highly on search engines. It runs technical SEO audits and tracks your website SERP position daily.


Adsanity enables you to set up ads for some of your affiliate products to increase sales. 

You can set up ads anywhere on your affiliate website using widgets, banners, or text.

The ad management plugin is intuitive and easy to use. Since it is lightweight, it does not compromise your website’s speeds.

It is extensible as there is a wide range of add-on features that you can incorporate into the plugin to meet your marketing and advertising needs. It provides a graphical stat representation per ad to enable you to track how your ads are performing. 

An affiliate website can be an endless lead source for your affiliate products. Plugins help you to step up the efficiency of the website so as to increase revenue. Get in touch with us for help with setting up a successful affiliate website that includes the essential plugins.