Product Spotlight:


Unybrands acquire the e-commerce businesses that operate on and off Amazon. The firm integrates the acquired e-commerce firms into a shared pool of resources, optimizes operational and economic efficiency, and expands to new product categories and regions.

With unybrands, e-commerce enterprises may achieve new heights of success with experienced operators and infrastructure. The company was founded in 2020 by partners who shared a shared ambition to build the best next-generation e-commerce platform and scale it quickly. This includes CEO & Cofounder Ulrich Kratz, who previously worked at Goldman Sachs and Barclays, Eugen Miropolski cofounder of WeWork and Airbnb, and Christian Harnischfeger, a partner at Morgan Stanley DIA, among others.

Expert Team

Cheerful and enthusiastic, Unybrands is led by seasoned experts and investors, including Nordstar, DIA Management, Nathan Blecharczyk of Airbnb, 166 2nd Financial Services, Day One Ventures, Brian McGrath of Jefferies, Benvolio Group, and others. The expert and professional nature of this team of individuals is a big part of why the company is so successful.

Opportunities to Grow Business with

Unybrands specializes in acquiring, developing, and increasing Amazon and DTC online brands. They guarantee long-term success by operating at the sweet spot of disruptive internet marketplace expansion and consumers’ ever-increasing demand for micro-brands. And they certainly do it well!

This company is investing in combining exceptional talent and expertise with cutting-edge technology designed explicitly for company owners who have run up against the limits to their scale. This is often due to a lack of incremental operational infrastructure or growth capital, and unybrand is able to provide just what they need to get back on track.

Unybrands sets out to assist entrepreneurs in reaching their potential by providing attractive and adaptable exit possibilities, including cash-upfront deals and long-term partnerships for sellers who want to continue working. They also specialize in creating micro brands that cater to 8 key categories (personal care, pet care, household products, juvenile & baby, sports & fitness, garden & outdoor, lifestyle & arts) and allows high-quality small brands to reach their full potential.

This business has devised a well-thought-out playbook that can be quickly followed but customized for each acquisition, led by an experienced team of industry veterans with backgrounds in e-commerce, consumer brands, operations, scaling high growth start-ups, M&A and investment. After purchasing the e-commerce firm, unybrands takes charge of everything from streamlining logistics and supply chains to improving performance marketing and economics before broadening the business to additional domestic and international markets, product lines, and platforms–including DTC platforms for improved customer experiences.

The Bottom Line

If you have an e-commerce business struggling to reach the next level, may be worth considering as an acquisition target. They have the experience and infrastructure to help companies reach their potential and expand into new markets quickly and efficiently. And ultimately, what struggling business doesn’t want a piece of that?

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