Does Canva Have an Affiliate Program?

Canva is an awesome creative tool for entrepreneurs and businesses – but does it offer anything outside of its list of extensive creative tools? The answer is yes! Canva now offers an affiliate marketing program, which allows design-based businesses and individuals to promote Canva and its offerings while receiving affiliate commission in return. Read more about the program and its benefits, conditions of application, and more below.

Does Canva Have an Affiliate Program?

Yes! Canva offers a program called the Canva Pro Affiliate Program. It’s a performance-based affiliate marketing program that is managed through Impact Radius. Members are able to earn industry-leading commission every time someone signs up to Canva Pro.

As a pay-by-performance program, users will earn commission through a referred unique link created by Canva, with last-click attribution and a 30-day cookie window on all payable events. The payment per referral varies between users and is based on the actions of the customer.

does canva have an affiliate program

How to Sign Up to the Canva Affiliate Program

Signing up to the Canva affiliate program is really simple, and you’re able to get registered and start within 72 hours of submission.

Step One: Sign Up

It’s easy for you to get started with Canva Pro. Simply enter your information to sign up, and you’ll receive an email invitation to create a profile on Impact (Canva’s partner tracking tool). It’s free to join, and there are no fees and no minimum sales to use Canva Pro.

It takes 48-72 hours for one of the team’s affiliate members to let you know the outcome of your application. The team will ensure you’re a right fit for Canva and study your application to make sure your business aligns with their message.

Step Two: Promote

Once you’ve accepted your invitation, you’ll be able to start accessing Canva’s creative tools and track your earnings. The affiliate links you create will help you promote Canva Pro to your chosen audience, with access to different marketing channel content to suit your business.

You can also create your own designs with Canva’s creative tools, as long as it adheres to the brand’s guidelines. When a user clicks on your link to sign up with Canva Pro, you make a commission.

Step Three: Earn Money

Once you’ve created and set up your affiliate links, you can start earning your affiliate commission. With Canva Pro, you earn money for each qualified subscriber that uses your affiliate partner tracking link and for any milestones that are provided to you in your partner contract when you sign up.

What Can I Earn with Canva Pro?

Your affiliate commission will depend on the action taken by your audience. Here are the different payment milestones:

Sign Up

This milestone is when one of your audience members clicks on one of your links and signs up to Canva via email or social media.

Free Trial

Once the user has signed up, they’re able to start a 30-day free trial if they have not tried Canva Pro before. This is the second commission milestone. However, if a user has tried Canva Pro before, they will skip the free trial and move to the subscription page.


After users have experienced the free trial, they can convert to a paid monthly or annual subscription. The amount you receive will be paid in USD, and the commission will be dependent on the subscription action they take. Commission rates depend on the subscription type and are subject to the terms provided in your original partner agreement from Canva.

For every new subscriber that signs up with your unique referral link, you could earn up to $36. For yearly Pro memberships, you can earn one-off commissions or, if your audience signs up for a monthly subscription, you’ll earn a monthly commission for the first two months of their membership. 

The top 20% of Canva Pro affiliates earn over $2,500 per month.

Who Can Be a Canva Affiliate Partner?

A Canva affiliate partner generally falls into one of three categories:

Design Influencer

Typically, these are bloggers or social media influencers who are active in the design community and can influence their audience’s design decisions. Whether you’re a blogger or an influencer on social media, Canva looks for people who enjoy using their product and can seamlessly promote their tools with their audience.

does canva have an affiliate program

Design Educator

Design educators are on a mission to empower the world through design, so anyone in the education field can promote Canva using the affiliate marketing program. The platform looks for those with authority and knowledge in design education and whose goals align with Canva’s mission statement: empowering those in the world of design.

Valued Audience Members

If you’re an influencer, vlogger, or someone with a website that gets over one million monthly visits, you can promote Canva. If you have a platform that is related to design, you are able to partner with Canva as an affiliate marketer.

Other categories that Canva look for in applications include but are not limited to:

  • Those active on social media or other digital marketing platforms around the topic of design.
  • Individuals or businesses with strong engagement and contacts in the design field.
  • People who already promote Canva on marketing or social channels.
  • Those with the ability to create compelling, engaging content that revolves around design, entrepreneurship, and business.

What Are the Benefits of the Canva Program?

While Canva is specific to design-based affiliate partners, there are some awesome benefits you can enjoy when you partner with the Canva Affiliate Program.


The cookie-based affiliate tracking software Canva employs allows you to be credited within commission from 30 days after the users first click. This means that if a user clicks on day 1 but purchases on day 20, you’ll still earn a commission.

Advertising Support

There is an email and live-chat function that gives you around the clock support should you need it. This allows you to earn your commissions trouble-free, thanks to the always available affiliate team.


There are multiple ways you can get paid through Canva. Users can choose from PayPal or e-transfer, and the payments are made regularly so you’re never waiting on earnings for long periods.

Creative Options and Powerful Tools

With Canva, your audience has an incredible amount of design options. From videos to websites, Canva is constantly expanding their offerings, meaning you can appeal to a wide range of audiences, increasing your reach and commission significantly.

Are There Any Drawbacks to the Canva Program?

While there are serious benefits to the Canva affiliate program, there are some drawbacks for affiliate marketers. Canva has a below-average acceptance rate for those who apply, at only 43% of applications approved to use the program.

When applying for an affiliate program, you should look for an approval rate of 75%. However, if you’re in the design world, you’ll be more likely to be accepted to the Canva affiliate program because you’ll attain their ideal target audience.

How Do You Start Promoting in Canva?

Once you’ve been accepted to the affiliate program, promoting Canva products and sign ups is super simple. There are a host of tools that the platform provides for you, and you can come up with creative ways to incorporate Canva into your business’s current content by checking out a few ideas below.*

Video Content

You can create Canva tutorials on social media, including in-depth YouTube videos or shorter TikToks or Instagram reels to engage with consumers. This could be anything from a quick how-to tip or a longer video about how to use the platform as a Pro user – just make sure you include your affiliate link somewhere in the description!

Blog Content

For those with blogs or websites, you can create specific blogs about Canva to link to their programs, or you can include your links within other design-related content where Canva would be a good fit for your audience.


You can offer tips and tricks about designing in email lists or subscription newsletters that your business sends, with recommendations of apps or things you’re loving at the moment – and one of these can be the Canva Pro program.


For creative-led businesses and entrepreneurs, Canva Pro Affiliate Program provides businesses with easy and simple-to-use methods to grow their affiliate marketing directory.

Contact us for your next affiliate marketing opportunity online here, and chat with us to see what suits your business needs.

*If you’re planning on creating your own content for any of these ideas (i.e. designs or creatives) to advertise your partnership with Canva, these will need to be approved by the brand first.