Best Keyword Analysis Tools in 2021

When users search the web for information, they use specific keywords. When buyers search for products, they use specific keywords. Everyone who visits search engines uses keywords to search for answers to questions.

In search engines optimization, keyword analysis is the process of knowing the keywords that are relevant to helping you optimize the visibility of your website on the internet.

It also helps in content marketing and driving more traffic to your website.

The logic is simple. Search engines are only interested in promoting content that provides answers to the search of users. Users’ searches are determined by (key)words and phrases. If your content is similar to those words, then search engines are more likely to return your content as results more often, causing your website to rank higher in searches and resulting in greater traffic to your website.

You can perform keyword analysis manually by first brainstorming on possible keywords, then test them using some keywords analysis tools. Once you have your answers, you then unleash these keywords creatively on your page as articles, titles of pages and others.

How does keyword analysis work?

Keyword analysis involves analyzing keywords that attract visitors to a website. Working around these keywords is necessary for ensuring successful content marketing. 

Keyword analysis allows you to customize your content to meet the needs of the consumer.

However, keyword analysis is time-consuming and often difficult. Many digital marketers do not have the time or resources to carry it out. 

However several tools are available to help in analyzing keywords for optimum performance.

Here are some of them:

SEMrush provides keyword analysis by providing keywords that are already in use by your competitors to offer more leverage. It also provides yearly keyword trends, keyword difficulty analysis and more.

Ahrefs keywords explorer provides broad keyword reports relying on clickstream data to provide unique click metrics. With thousands of keywords suggestion, it operates with ten different search engines including YouTube, Amazon, Bing, and of course, Google.

Ahrefs keywords explorer is always updated and up-to-date. It also frankly calculates how your page will rank per your keyword, based on the current top-ranking pages.

GrowthBar is designed for content marketers who need quick results. With GrowthBar, you can uncover billions of keywords, know what your competitors are thriving on, and more importantly, create the appropriate media content with a single click. GrowthBar also provides measurable results which help you appraise your content marketing and SEO.

Majestic is specially designed for those who are new to SEO. It features an all-in-one SEO help box that helps to manage the site until it gains relevance. 

KWFinder offers the best keyword research tools across different categories by making it easy to find keywords that have low SEO difficulty. KWFinder also helps you find what ranks your competitors so you can have an advantage over them. KWFinder also identifies seasonal keywords and hot topics that boost organic traffic to your website.

Unleashing keyword analysis tools is a smart way to optimize your reach, drive traffic to your website and make more profit.