6 Examples Of Amazon Associates Sites Done Right

Most programs and courses are going to teach you how to build a “one size fits all” style Amazon Associates niche site.

While this works great for helping beginners get the ball rolling on their digital business, it ends up flooding the industry with lookalike sites, and then the spammers start abusing it -- and algorithms get updated as a result.

Being able to see how these Amazon Associates sites are getting built and monetized makes it incredibly easy for you to start wrapping your head around how you can implement the same ideas into your own sites.

We’ve seen hundreds (thousands, even) of Amazon sites done right, but to make sure you have enough time to get better rankings, we’re going to feature a small sample of some of what we consider to be the best Amazon Sites Done Right.

One note: you have to follow Amazon's rules if you want to succeed with them. Here's the complete list of everything you should do to stay in Amazon's good graces.

#1 - BestReviews.com

BestReviews Site

We’ve featured BestReviews.com at the top of the list because we believe it is one of the best examples you can use to build your Amazon Associates business around. 

It’s incredibly professional, isn’t over-crowded, and their product reviews are helpful enough that the website has easily become on of the heavy hitters in the affiliate marketing space.

One strategy has used that is missing from many niche sites is the fact that the team at BestReviews.com actually purchases the products that they are featuring on their site. 

When you compare that to how most people are building their content -- by coupling together pieces of reviews from random places -- and it’s easy to see why their visitors find them so helpful and continue coming back for more reviews.

Here’s some stats for you to think about:

  • Monthly Visitors: 2.4 Million
  • Average Post Length: 1,500 Words
  • Average Monthly Revenue: $40,000

There is one key takeaway for you from BestReviews.com.

If you’re going to review products you want to make sure that you’re going to at least invest in a few of them.  This helps increase your credibility and sets your site apart from most of your competition, especially if you’re in a smaller niche.

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#2 - OutdoorGearLab.com

Outdoor GearLab Site

OutdoorGearLab.com was built by the creators of BabyGearLab.com and they used the same branding and growth strategies that catapulted their Baby Gear Lab into one of the most trafficked sites online.

That’s quite a feat when you realize they’re entirely relying on organic search engine traffic and are simply relaying the experiences they have with the gear that they’ve purchased.  It started out as a bootstrapped project and has quickly taken off.

The size of the industry they’re in has quite a bit to do with their success.  The outdoor industry is estimated to be worth around $30 billion per year, which leaves quite a bit of room for successful niche site builders to make a healthy income.

Here’s some stats for you to think about:

  • Monthly Visitors: 160,000
  • Average Post Length: 6,000 Words
  • Average Monthly Revenue: $20,000

When you’re trying to build a site that takes off on it’s own, it’s always worth it to become the best site in your niche.  OutdoorGearLab.com is a great example of what can happen when you focus. 

They may not be one of the highest earning sites on our list, but they still do very well for themselves.

#3 - PickMyShaver.com

PickMyShaver Site

PickMyShaver.com is one of the newer sites that made it to our list, which goes to show that even brand new (and new-ish) sites can compete with the big players in their industry.

A few years ago, Spencer Haws at NichePursuits.com featured a case study based around the shavers niche, and it seemed like marketers flooded it.  As time has passed, though, and the dust has settled, the long-term players have made their way to the top.

That’s exactly where you’ll find PickMyShaver.com. 

They feature long reviews (that aren’t necessarily that great) and receive a fair share of comments on each post.  This means that the owner of the site is actively growing it -- which says a lot for being consistent in your actions.

At the rate of 2-3 new blog posts per month, this site seems incredibly easy to maintain and turns a healthy profit at the same time!

Here’s some stats for you to think about:

  • Monthly Visitors: 40,000
  • Average Post Length: 1,000 Words
  • Average Monthly Revenue: $20,000

Even copycats can make it big in the internet marketing industry.  PickMyShaver.com is proof of that!  So think about their site the next time you’re worried about your own competition!

#4 - DogFoodAdvisor.com

DogFoodAdvisor Site

The dog food industry, and the pet industry in general, is massive with plenty of room for new marketers to enter into it every single day. 

A great example of what’s possible inside of this industry is the website DogFoodAdvisor.com.

One of the first things you’re going to notice about their site is that the design could definitely use some work.  It seems like the owner enjoys the rough look of the site, though, and their visitors aren’t complaining too much, either!

They receive regular views and comments on their posts which shows the passion people have for their dogs -- a passion that is shared by the owner. 

With so many different dog foods available (and many of them unhealthy), loving owners flock to DogFoodAdvisor.com to make sure their pets are always getting the best.  You can replicate the same success in your niche if you can tap into the same type of passion!

Here’s some stats for you to think about:

  • Monthly Visitors: 1.3 Million
  • Average Post Length: 1,500 Words
  • Average Monthly Revenue: $50,000

DogFoodAdvisor.com is a great example of an Amazon Site Done Right, and one that you can easily replicate.  There isn’t a complicated, expensive design. Their content is straight-forward and informational. They’re active in the community and with their readers.

One site is doing very well in the cat niche. You can check this article on the best cat food for hairballs for an example of a great buying guide article.

These are the traits that make a successful site, and one that anyone reading this is capable of reproducing.

#5 - TheWirecutter.com


In our opinion, TheWirecutter.com is one of the best Amazon Sites Done Right.  

You can see from landing on the homepage that they take the business of product reviews seriously, and have aimed to settle for nothing but leading their industry.

They contract independent reviewers to ensure that their teams remain unbiased, which helps consumers maintain trust in the site and continue coming back for more reviews in the future.

On top of being transparent in their content, they also understand how to captivate an audience and keep them moving around their site until it comes time to make a purchase -- that’s when they cash in on the big commissions.

TheWireCutter.com isn’t afraid to go after high-end products.

 While writing this, their homepage featured a link to the “Best Home Projectors”, with products ranging upwards of $5,000.  At 8% commission, that’s $400 per sale!  It doesn’t take many of those to make up a healthy income!

Here’s some stats for you to think about:

  • Monthly Visitors: 2.4 Million
  • Average Post Length: 8,500 Words
  • Average Monthly Revenue: $40,000

There’s a recipe for success when it comes to making money online and building a digital business. 

If you’re looking for that recipe, TheWireCutter.com is a great place to start putting together the ingredients that are going to make up your own success story.

#6 - ThisIsWhyImBroke.com

This is Why Im Broke Site

This could be one of the most well-known Amazon Associates sites on the internet. 

 It is very well known in internet marketing and SEO circles and touted as one of the original sites that did it right.

Whenever questions come up, asking how it should be done, veterans and beginners alike all talk about ThisIsWhyImBroke.com and the massive amount of success they have found.

Here’s some stats for you to think about:

  • Monthly Visitors: 2.4 Million
  • Average Post Length: 1,500 Words
  • Average Monthly Revenue: $40,000

They’ve built the site around gag gifts, cool gadgets, and other oddities that can be found on Amazon.  It goes against what most trainings tell you when they say to focus on a niche, but ThisIsWhyImBroke.com is still doing it right.

Their annual revenue numbers compared to their average post length makes them one of the highest paid sites on this list, in terms of content invested! 

That means it’s 100% possible for you to build a website like this, and even easier if you do it inside of a smaller niche market!

You don’t have to spend years learning web development, WordPress design, SEO, internet marketing, and all of the other skills that these fine examples have used to make it onto our top list.

We periodically release done-for-you pre-built Amazon niche sites that are perfect for beginners and marketers that are looking to scale without having to spend their time and energy on the technical and writing side of the business.

Each site is built following the same principals that made each one of the above sites winners. 

We know what works to generate traffic, keep your visitors on your site longer, and increase your clickthrough rate (which means: more profits for you!).

Let me know in the comment box if you have any questions/comments about this article.

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  2. Thanks for the inspiring list, but can you explain what average monthly revenue means? Is it just the avg revenue for that industry overall -> like Outdoor Gear Lab in outdoors?

    Because WireCutter and BestReviews are clearly making a ton more than the average you stated. Would be cooler if you listed how much revenue you think that site is bringing in.

  3. Your article on niche site examples is the perfect proof that any one including newbies can succeed with amazon affiliate and within one year may even dominate the top 10 results on Google SERPs with a good SEO strategy like on-page SEO and link building. What Keyword Research tool do you use for your niche site project that follows the same principals that made each one of the above sites winners?

  4. Was gonna ask the same question. Wirecutter probably makes that monthly amount daily.

  5. Nice list one question you said Long post “They feature long reviews (that aren’t necessarily that great)” so what is best article length in terms of SEO

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