5 Actionable Techniques to Boost Organic Traffic for Affiliates

Affiliate marketing can be difficult for affiliates if they don’t get the traffic needed to receive plenty of commissions. You may have joined an affiliate program, but you won’t get paid or receive any benefits if you don’t send people to your affiliate partner!

So, how do you boost your own traffic so you can send visitors to the other company’s website?

Affiliate marketing will only benefit you if you can get people onto the provider’s website to make purchases. With this in mind, we’d like to show you some actionable techniques that help boost organic traffic for affiliates.

That way, you can send them to your affiliate partner and make more money as an affiliate.

1) What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a program that allows a company or brand to reward affiliates for helping them out, usually by giving them a new customer or sale. Companies will use affiliate marketing in their ecommerce marketing strategies because it helps them to network while gaining customers.

Affiliate marketing involves multiple steps that you and the company go through so that both sides can benefit from the process.

  • You mention the brand’s products, services, or other information on your website.
  • Visitors are redirected to your affiliate partner’s website through your ads and links.
  • Visitors make purchases from the company.
  • The company looks at its website data to see where the referrals came from.
  • The company pays you commission fees based on the number of customers you provided.

organic traffic for affiliates - affiliate marketing


Sounds pretty neat, doesn’t it?

These days, nearly 40 percent of marketers view the win/win aspect of affiliate marketing to be one of their best ways to gain new customers.

Many companies are now developing their own affiliate programs so they too can gain customers and reward other businesses for their efforts! With both the company and affiliates gaining benefit from working with each other, what’s not to like?

2) The Benefits of Being an Affiliate

While businesses will benefit from affiliate programs by gaining new customers, you may wonder how it will benefit you as an affiliate. Why should you put in any effort if you don’t get anything out of it?

Well, there are plenty of ways that you can benefit from an affiliate program, such as the examples listed below.

  • You can make money through commissions as you direct people to the company’s products and website.
  • You can build up a business relationship with the company to help your own website or business grow.
  • You can increase your overall appeal and credibility by associating with reputable companies as an affiliate.

While being an affiliate will help you to make money, these other benefits will lead to more profits in the long run. For example, if you have a good relationship with the company, you can work together and even collaborate, which will help your website grow. You can also use your increased credibility to draw in more visitors while spreading brand awareness for your own company.

There will be other benefits that you can enjoy, so you should look into affiliate programs to see which ones work best for your situation. However, you’ll also need to focus on increasing your traffic so you can make more money as an affiliate.

3) The Five Techniques of Organic Traffic for Affiliates

If you want to increase your traffic as an affiliate, then you will need to find different ways that you can draw in more people to your website. The five techniques of organic traffic for affiliates discussed in this article will help you with search engine optimization (SEO), which will lead to an increase in your organic traffic.

A. Make High-Quality Content

Above all else, you should focus on improving your content and making it as appealing as possible to your visitors. Improving your content will draw in more visitors, since people will be interested and engaged and seek out what you have to offer.

affiliate marketing traffic sources


This image shows that blogging, SEO, and other inbound marketing tactics play the biggest role when it comes to increasing a website’s traffic. Each one involves high-quality content on your website.

  • Blogging: Regularly create posts that people will read to get higher user engagement and build credibility.
  • SEO: Better website content will help your site appear more often in online searches.
  • Other Inbound Marketing: Specific content and tools designed to draw in more customers at different stages of the marketing funnel.

High-quality content draws in more visitors because people go online to find information. For example, if people want to learn about changes in the food industry, then they will either search for it in a search engine or they will look for a blog that discusses it.

You should focus on providing the best content for your niche so people will visit your website to access that information. As you make high-quality content, you can include links to your affiliate partner’s website. This will allow you to send more traffic to the company which will lead to more purchases and commissions for you.

B. Revise, Edit, and Update Your Website

Making new content will boost your organic traffic, but many people overlook the effects of website edits and updates. It can be easy to forget about updating existing content, since you want to release new content to your audience, but updating your website will also help you when it comes to boosting organic traffic and gaining visitors.

organic search views from post update


As you can see in the graph above, every update resulted in more organic traffic for these six blog posts. Even though updates will help a business to increase its traffic, some businesses may wonder how often they should update their pages if they want to enjoy these benefits.

You should update your website at least once a week, but you can update it more often if you want to. This may seem challenging, but we have a few ways that you can update your content to improve your SEO.

  • Look through your blog posts or website so that you can add new sources.
  • Consistently post new, high-quality content to your website.
  • Check your website’s spelling and grammar and fix any mistakes that you come across.

In short, if you update your website regularly, search engines will see it as important and current. This helps it to appear in more online searches and higher up in the rankings.

C. Research Keywords

Keywords are a vital part of SEO – people look up different words and phrases in search engines when they want to find something.

Search engines then look through web pages and decide on their importance, based on relevance to the keywords and how recently it was created. The search engine will then rank the different pages and display them based on those factors.

If you want to improve your SEO, you should research the keywords that your audience looks up and incorporate them into your website. By showcasing this relevance, you’ll soon make your way towards the first page of search results and get a major boost in your traffic!

search users stay on first page


Because 3 out of 4 people will never scroll past the first page when they do an online search, improving your SEO and securing your spot in the top results is key. Incorporate more keywords into your high-quality content and secure that all-important first-page spot.

D. Improve Your Website’s Speed

People use the internet because they want to get information quickly and conveniently. If your website doesn’t load fast enough, then people will leave it and find what they need from a different source.

Due to this, many websites will focus on improving their load times as much as possible to improve their traffic and the time on page metric.

page load time delay - website speed


As you can see here, a one-second delay can have a major impact on your website and metrics. You’ll lose page views, have lower customer satisfaction, and see fewer conversions for each second that it takes to load the page. Search engines will also consider your website’s speed when they give it a ranking, so this gives you another incentive to make your website faster.

Because of this, you need to optimize your website speed as much as possible so you can boost your organic traffic. You can try out some of these ideas to improve your website’s speed.

  • Compress your image files.
  • Avoid complex graphics or animations on your website.
  • Upgrade or pay for a better hosting service.

These tips will give you the basic framework needed to optimize your website. You can also use some website speed tests online to find out how quickly your website runs and other ways that you can improve it.

E. Optimize For Mobile Devices

More and more people are using mobile devices to access the internet. This is because smartphones give people easy access, even if they don’t have a Wi-Fi connection. Since a large portion of your visitors will use their smartphones to access your website, you need to optimize your site for mobile.

mobile traffic source


That’s right: half of affiliate referral traffic comes from people on mobile devices! This means that you need to consider the needs of your mobile users and adjust your website so they can have a smooth experience. Otherwise, you will alienate half of your potential referrals, which will dramatically impact your commissions.

This can be difficult to do since there are many different mobile devices that people can use to access your website, including smartphones or tablets of very different sizes. However, you can ask yourself these questions to help you with the optimization process.

  • According to my data, what are the most common devices that people use to access my website?
  • How does my website look when I access it on a mobile device?
  • Is there anything on my website that’s inconvenient to do on a mobile device?
  • Does the current layout of the website make it difficult to display on phones or tablets?

These questions will help you to develop a plan for your website so you can optimize it for your visitors. As you optimize your website for mobile devices, you are sure to gain more organic traffic!

4) Apply Them Now

Remember that these techniques won’t do anything for you unless you apply them to your website.

Sure, you can read about them and think about how they will help your website, but you won’t gain the benefits unless you put them into practice!

With this in mind, act now to implement these techniques on your website. Here’s why:

  • You may forget about the ideas that you came up with.
  • You may make these techniques a lower priority and never get around to applying them.
  • You can start enjoying the benefits of boosted organic traffic sooner rather than later.

It’s really easy to forget about SEO or to procrastinate, but the longer you do so, the more money you will lose out on.

Gaining more traffic means that you will increase your chances of getting commissions, which will boost your overall profits. However, if you put it all off, then you may never apply the techniques and reap those benefits!

If you look through your website now and start to use these actionable techniques, then you will improve your SEO and boost the organic traffic on your website.

Organic Traffic for Affiliates Wrap-up

It will take some effort on your part if you want to gain more traffic, but it will be worth it in the end.

Each of these five simple techniques will change your website for the better so you can send more traffic to your affiliate partner. As you send more people to the company, more people will make purchases and get you paid for your efforts.

Even if you’re already applying these techniques, think of this post as a handy reminder that you can always find ways to improve and optimize them. As you do so, you’ll enjoy this new organic traffic for affiliates and make more money as an affiliate too!