How to Make $100 a Day: 25 Ways to Make Money

Does the prospect of earning $100 a day sound too good to be true? In our modern world, the idea of earning good money using a variety of methods isn’t a far-off idea.

Setting income targets, such as earning $100 every day, can be an enjoyable and particularly rewarding venture if you're trying to leave your 9-to-5 job or raise extra cash to achieve a specific goal.

What if you could earn $100 a day from the comfort of your own home? Fortunately, there is no dearth of opportunities online when it comes to making money. Here, we’ll show you how to make $100 a day and the best 25 ways to make money online right from home.

#1: Google Adsense

Most blogs rely on Google Adsense as their primary source of money, particularly when they are just starting out. Its simplicity is what makes it so appealing. All you have to do is sign up for the program, and Google would automatically place advertisements on your website.

How to Make $100 a Day

They'll give you some codes to paste into your website, and you'll be good to go. They'll even personalize the advertising based on your blog's content. Above all, Adsense can be added to your blog at any time. Adsense will allow you to earn a few dollars even if you only get a few hundred page views per month.

However, the catch is that you won't get paid until your Adsense earnings hit $100. The good news is that if you reach a few thousand monthly page views, you'll comfortably surpass the $100 mark. Furthermore, as your blog grows, you'll finally be able to earn $100 every day.

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#2: Text Links

When it comes to how to make $100 a day, text links or anchor texts can be your second source of making good money daily.

A text link is a link to another website that you place in a blog or website post. They're practically everywhere on the internet, and they're what connects blogs and websites.

Companies, corporations, and other blogs are willing to pay you $100 or more for a quality referral link in an article on your website. They'll pay you to include the article since it'll be linked to their websites.

However, this is not a good long-term plan. Text links are disliked by Google, and if you use too many, your site will be penalized and lose traffic. Just use a small amount of these. It'll only be a matter of time before your website traffic plummets if you're adding several text links per month.

#3: Sponsored Posts

Sponsored posts are articles that companies and brands pay a blogger or website owner to publish on their own site.

Sponsored posts may be written by the site owner/blogger or the sponsoring company. You'll obviously charge more if you're hired to write the post as well as publish it on your site as compared to only renting space on your site.

Reviews, summaries of deals, sale updates, roundup/list reports, product announcements, videos, and infographics are all examples of sponsored posts.

Sponsored posts function similarly to text links in which a third party pays you for an article or blog post that includes a link to their website. They may also be able to provide the article. Other times, they can ask you to write an article about their website and provide a link back to it.

Early on, you'll probably just get $100 or $200, but as your website traffic increases, you'll be able to charge several hundred dollars, if not more, for a single post. It's also a good idea to keep supported articles on your blog to a minimum. Furthermore, the sponsors should promote goods and services that you believe in and feel confident endorsing.

#4: Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways of bringing in income as a blogger. However, it only works if the website receives a large amount of traffic. In most cases, you'll need between 30,000 and 40,000 monthly page views to make it work and earn a good amount of money. Your affiliate marketing revenue, however, will skyrocket as your traffic increases.

Writing a product or service review on your website is how affiliate marketing functions. If the business behind the product or service has affiliate links (trust me, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of them), they'll pay you money each time they make a transaction as a result of a referral from your site.

How to Make $100 a Day3

It could be a few dollars or more per transaction, or it could be calculated using a percentage formula. However, if your blog or website receives a lot of traffic and your product or service is well-liked, you might start earning hundreds or thousands of dollars each month. Affiliate marketing alone will get you to $100 per day on the internet in no time.

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#5: Display Ads

You already have a clear understanding of how this works if you've seen advertising on the websites you’ve visited. This method of how to make $100 a day involves having a blog or a website, and a third party offers to pay you for ad space on it. It costs you a monthly flat fee or a few dollars each time a visitor clicks through from your site's ad to the sponsor's website.

When your blog has a large number of visitors, it can be very profitable. Perhaps most importantly, the profits would be entirely passive. There's nothing else you need to do after you've put the ad on your website.

One of the most effective ways to use in-text ads on your blog is to use Infolinks. It follows a PPC (pay-per-click) model and gives publishers a 70% revenue share. When you click on double-underlined words on a list, they appear like advertisements.

Other options available via Infolinks include search advertising, video ads, and inframe ads. If you hit the initial limit of $50 for Paypal or eCheck or $100 for Wire Transfer of money and WU, they pay you through Paypal, Wire Transfer, ACH, Payoneer, eCheck, or Western Union, depending on the mode of payment you choose.

#6: Upscaling for Your Business

A blog can be a great way to attract new clients and customers to your off or online business. It can be used as a forum for demonstrating your skills, which will ultimately lead to paid clients.

For example, if you're a financial planner, you might want to start a blog with the primary goal of using it as a marketing tool to attract new clients to your practice. It will undoubtedly do better than you expect. Your practice will evolve in tandem with the blog and help you earn extra money. You would be able to reach out to potential customers that you would not have been able to reach otherwise.

Customer user experience, or UX, is becoming an increasingly important component of online marketing campaigns, ensuring that web visitors have an optimistic, smooth, and straightforward shopping experience. This might be a perfect way to make your site and goods stand out against rivals if you're looking to scale your online company and make extra money.

However, to maximize your ability in this area and earn extra money, your website should be optimized for both desktop and mobile users. Use your spare time productively for this upscaling.

#7: Brand Sponsorships

This method of how to make $100 a day is a more advanced strategy for earning extra money because it necessitates a high profile, such as that generated by a high-traffic website. Companies can approach you once you reach that stage, looking for you to participate in a sponsorship program.

This may begin with a single supported article or a series of them. To promote the product, you may also need to include videos, social shares, and other types of publicity methods. It's time-consuming, but it's an efficient way to make a lot of money from your website.

Brands provide paid sponsorships to social media influencers with a wide following. Via a third party, brands tap into the network for advertisement and confidence building. Growing a following, collaborating with brands, and sending sponsored content to your audience are all ways to make money.

Brand sponsorships can be very lucrative and gain you money easily. Brands will compensate you for the exposure that comes with getting a following. Influencers make cash by owning a valuable presence, such as a website or a social media account. Being able to assist a brand in getting their product or service in front of a relevant audience is critical to their success.

#8: Selling Leads

Certain websites will help you generate leads. For instance, several years after launching Good Financial Cents, the same company launched Life Insurance by Jeff. They thought the platform would help generate insurance leads because insurance was one of the items they sold.

It did, and it was a lot more than they had anticipated. They sold some leads to insurance firms at a price of around $35 to $100 per lead. That was not only an additional revenue stream, but it was also an entirely passive source of income.

Their success proves that you could tap into this source, as well. Investigate the options and create a website that generates a steady stream of saleable leads, and you'll be earning $100 per day online in no time.

#9: Sell a Digital Product

Most of us associate selling digital goods with a blog or website. While this seems to be the most popular path, a physical product may be used in the same way. It happens all the time on websites like Amazon, eBay, and Etsy

Homemade soap, one-of-a-kind home decor, T-shirts, and just about everything else you can think of will be available. You may also endorse a product offered by a third-party source on your website.

How-to guides, tutorials, e-books, and even templates for money management, saving, meal plans, workout schedules, and checklists are all examples of digital goods. This is, after all, what the Internet is all about. 

The beauty of selling digital goods and having an income is that the consumer places the order, and the product is instantly shipped to his or her computer or mobile device. It's almost effortless once you've got it up and running.

#10: Freelance Writing

You can make a comfortable living freelance writing on the internet if you have the ability to research and write, particularly on certain common topics. You won't need your own blog or website to do this because you'll be selling your work to blog and website owners. Moreover, you wouldn't need any educational degree to get started. 

It's all about learning how to construct engaging content and organize it in a way that's easy to understand.

Many active full-time authors are still freelancers. They make a living (or supplement their income) by writing and have no trouble seeking clients or writing opportunities. We now have thousands of online publications, ranging from small blogs to online magazines and news sites, covering nearly every niche and issue imaginable! 

Each of those online publications needs new material, the demand for freelance authors is higher than ever, and landing a job is as easy as sending an email. Platforms such as Upwork, Freelancer, and Fiverr are the hot favorites in this regard.

If you enjoy writing and want to start making money online as a freelancer, freelance writing will give you the tools you need to get started.

#11: Create and Sell Online Courses

Creating and selling online courses is an example of a potentially lucrative venture. You don't have to be an expert (though it helps), but you should be well versed with the subject you plan on teaching.

People in today's economy must continually upgrade and develop their skills, as well as learn new ones. The availability of a low-cost online course is a boon in such cases. Build the course, which can be in the form of a PDF, a podcast, a video, or a combination or sequence of all three.

You can sell it on your own website or other people's websites and blogs once it's done. If you sell on other people's websites, you can offer them an affiliate program. Some surveys suggest that if your course sells for $50, the site owner would receive $20 per sale. 

This eliminates the need to pay for ads and allows you to increase your revenue by forming affiliate relationships with as many sites as possible.

If you want to add value to the world while still making money, selling an online course is a considerable option. The product you're selling should be of high-quality, well-marketed, and should pertain to a narrowed-down niche. Conversely, it should impart expertise in a particular arena and its scope shouldn't be too wide such that it ends up being marked as generic.

The marketing of an online course doesn't necessitate a blog, but it helps! This way, you'll be able to drive in organic traffic from Google and not just the audience in your proximity. Udemy and Coursera are two such platforms where you can put out online courses and charge according to your value addition.

#12: Sell Someone Else’s Book or Ebook on Your Website

If you have your own blog or website, you can use it to promote someone else's ebook and earn affiliate commissions. Beyond that, you can set up affiliate agreements for several ebooks and online courses on your own website.

This is yet another totally passive way to monetize your website, and since ebooks and online courses are plentiful, you'll have a few to sell at any given time.

If you possess the skill of writing, you could ponder upon writing your own book, as well. Although the gestation period of this option is quite long, even one successful book would establish a steady source of income for you.

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#13: Offer Business or Career Coaching

If you've worked in your profession for a while and have risen through the ranks, you might be able to start a side business as a career coach. By accident, this happened to many people. 

People started approaching bloggers and freelancers for advice about how they could make their blog and brand work for them as key organizers grew their blog and brand. 

How to Make $100 a Day

These people are here for you as a one-stop career expert hub, if you're re-entering the workforce, a union member who needs to draft a resume for the first time, someone who wants to develop his or her interviewing abilities, or an accomplished professional who wants to increase his or her earning potential and marketability.

#14: Sponsored Social Shares

You may be able to make money offering supported social shares if you have a broad following on any of the big social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. You are paid to promote a company's product or service on your social media site(s). Naturally, the bigger your social media audience is, the more money you'll make.

Learning how to make $100 a day this way might be a little far-fetched for the ordinary person, but, if you start early with a well-set-out marketing plan, you might just make it.

#15: Become a Social Media Manager for Small Businesses

Many small businesses lack the time or experience needed to launch an effective social media campaign. If you have experience with social media, you may be able to make money by creating marketing campaigns, issuing company press releases, or delivering product or service descriptions. 

Businesses are becoming more reliant on social media. You can be the point of contact for customers, handling questions, concerns, and even sales. You can do much of the work from home, and you can learn a lot of what you need to know from YouTube. You can then advertise your services on social media and sites like LinkedIn.

For certain companies, social media has become their only marketing tool. Depending on the number of accounts you handle and what the client needs, managers are in charge of reacting to feedback and tweets, as well as social media marketing and content creation. 

A social media manager will receive an average of $56,000 per year, according to Glassdoor. This translates to about $30 per hour.

#16: Curated Blogs

Content curation simply means gathering information on a particular topic for the purpose of the addition of value. Millions of articles are live on the internet on any number of topics. If you're a blog owner, you might find such pre-existing content useful for your audience and would want to curate them in your own material.

However, content creation shouldn't be misinterpreted as a gateway to plagiarism. Under no circumstances should you consider copy-pasting content onto your blog. The correct way to go about content curation is to pick an article you like and point it out on your blog by 'curating' it i.e. by giving your personal opinions and insights on it. 

Pro Tip: Do not forget to mention the source you've picked the article from – give credit where it's due!

Speaking of how to earn money from a curated blog, you'll have to monetize it just like you would monetize any other blog. Multiply your income by incorporating advertisements, affiliate links, and sponsors into your website when it starts to bring in a good amount of regular traffic.

#17: Start a Facebook Ads Business

Facebook claims to have more than 3 billion active users worldwide. As a result, it’s most likely the world's largest single contact medium. As a result of its prominence, it has become a prime advertising territory.

Some companies are doing — or intend to do — the same thing. If you're a frequent Facebook user, there are a variety of resources available to teach you how to run ad campaigns. When you're ready, you can start offering your services to small businesses as a Facebook Ad campaign manager.

#18: Sell Stuff Online

You can also make fast cash by selling items on the internet. Flipping products and selling for a profit on eBay is a perfect way to make money. You can earn about $100 a day if you have a range of high-quality, common items in your shop.

Create your own Etsy shop and profile if you're creative. Etsy specializes in handcrafted or antique pieces. Clothing, luggage, home decor, toys, and equipment are among the items for sale. It is free to create an account, but it costs $0.20 to list an object.

You can also open your own eCommerce store and sell your items through dropshipping platforms like Shopify.

#19: Start a YouTube Channel and Earn Money With YouTube Ads

Making money on YouTube isn't going to be an immediate source of revenue. It can take months or even years to achieve that amount of income. However, if you enjoy making videos and have a story to tell, you can build a channel and start making videos, then add ads once you have a reasonable amount of traffic.

You'll have to learn skills such as video editing and talking in front of a camera, but it would all be worth it. With people's growing demand for online content, Youtube is all set to see massive gains in traffic, and you could also be a part of this bullish ride.

#20: Graphic Design

This is another way to make $100 a day online, especially if you have a liking for graphic design or you are a student in this field. 

People are always on the lookout for design assistance. Websites, posters, business cards, book covers, and album covers are all items you might design as part of your services.

In certain cases, a degree is favored, but there are many self-taught graphic designers out there. Some businesses employ freelance graphic and web designers. You can always learn from Youtube or even go for an inexpensive online graphic designing course to sharpen your skills. Obtaining a certificate from a recognized platform might also be a good idea.

#21: Become an Online Video Editor

If you have strong video editing skills but no interest in making videos yourself, you can offer your services to edit videos created by others. The majority of YouTube videos, at least the more technical ones, are edited by third parties.It's what elevates otherwise amateurish videos to the level of professionalism.

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Technical aspects, such as sound, will be tweaked, and additions, such as graphics, music, sound effects, and other special effects, will be added. The basic concept is to improve the video's appeal to the audience.

List your services on sites like Freelancer, Upwork, and PeoplePerHour to begin. Once you have a portfolio of completed work, you can approach active YouTubers, especially those who are just getting started.

#22: Buy and Sell Websites

This operates on the same premise as buying and selling stocks, except you're trading websites instead of stock. The process of buying and selling websites is continuing. Someone may actually tire of running a website and sell it to someone else who wants a website but doesn't want to create one from the ground up.

There are two ways to make money by purchasing and selling websites. The first is to purchase an active website with passive advertisement revenue. For example, you could pay $2,000 for a site that brings in $200 per month in revenue. 

The other option is to purchase a platform for a low price, increase traffic and sales, and then sell it for a profit. On online marketplaces like Flippa, you can buy and sell websites.

#23: Become a Virtual Assistant

Even if you have no technological skills, you can make money online as a virtual assistant by offering services to both companies and individuals. Virtual Assistants operate as independent contractors for small companies that cannot afford to hire full-time workers.

It may include basic services such as bookkeeping, customer care, and communications, as well as more specialized services such as marketing, graphic design, and web skills. You can quickly gain $100 a day by managing numerous daily clients.

Anyone who has worked as an office assistant in the past or is actually eager to learn new skills should consider becoming a virtual assistant. Managing emails, scheduling social media posts, scheduling meetings, study, and blog management are all typical Virtual Assistant activities.

As your skill progresses, you will be able to earn up to $100 a day as a virtual assistant and have a source of extra income. Some companies allow VAs to set their own prices, and if they are experienced or have a specialized service, VAs may expect to earn about $30 – $35 per hour. Digital assistants are currently being hired by a few organizations.

#24: Teach English as a Second Language

This method of how to make $100 a day is in high demand for native college students and English speakers to teach the language to immigrants in English-speaking countries or people who want to learn the language in non-English-speaking countries. After all, English, particularly on the Internet, is the closest thing to a universal language.

Teaching English to the children of immigrants is a particularly lucrative field. You'll be assisting those children in making a smoother transition into the school system and improving their academic performance.

The job is usually done online and gains you financial freedom, and there are even websites like Magic Ears where you can find gigs. You can begin by obtaining customers through websites and then market your services directly to schools and other organizations that may need your services.

#25: Get Paid for Your Expertise

The Internet is usually the first place people go when they need facts or answers to tough questions. However, if you have professional expertise in almost every field — for example, computers, law, medicine, education, car mechanics, or home repairs — you might be able to make money online by answering people's questions.

There's also a website called JustAnswer where you can share your knowledge and make quick money. The average expert participant earns between $2,000 and $7,000 a month, according to the web, and can work anywhere and at any time. 

You'll be paying a fee for each question you answer, and your earnings will be shared with the website. It's ideal for the specialist or technological expert who wants to supplement their income.

The Takeaway

Hopefully, the above 25 ways on how to make $100 a day will assist you in zeroing in on the best option for you that matches your skillset and interests. Moreover, if working from home is your dream, you can make a full or part-time living doing something you enjoy from the convenience of your own home. 

Try implementing any of these suggestions if you're inspired and committed to learning new things. There are no prerequisites in terms of experience or education, but passion and determination are a must! All you need is a laptop, a chair, and basic skills! All the best!