Matt Woodward: Following Passion, Listening To People, & SEO Mastery | Entrepreneur’s Mentor

Matthew Woodward on how to follow your passion and succeed in business, listening to people as the way to success, and mastering SEO (plus a free course). Are you having trouble picking a niche for your business? Click the link to get 1,452 profitable niche ideas for free:

Matt got his start as an entrepreneur from an early age. He was always washing cars or mowing lawns. One of his most profitable early ventures was knocking on doors and getting people to sign up for free karate lessons. When they signed up, he got paid. This was his first dabbling in affiliate marketing.

Matt later took his affiliate interests online. Now he runs a portfolio of sites and teachers others to make money online at

At the end of the day, Matt has 2 tips to being a better entrepreneur: Listen more than you consume and get passionate about what you’re doing. Watch or listen to see how he recommends doing that.


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