Complete Sourcing Service – Refund Policy

(Please refer to definitions and more detailed descriptions found on our website,

Brand Builders stands behind all of the services we offer to our clients and are confident that you will be pleased. However, there may be reasons that you do not wish to move forward after purchasing the Complete Sourcing Service. Should that be the case, here is our Refund Policy for the Complete Sourcing Service:

  1. Full refunds may be requested in writing and must be received by Brand Builders within 12 days of purchasing our Complete Sourcing Service, provided that Brand Builders has not started the Product Sourcing stage of the service.
  2. Once the Product Sourcing stage has begun, Brand Builders has invested time and effort on Client’s behalf, and therefore, refunds will be given on a percentage of the price paid, according to the table below.
  3. No refunds will be given beyond 120 days from the date of purchase of the Complete Sourcing Service. Any refunds listed above will only be considered if requested prior to 120 days from the date of purchase of the service.
Upon Completion of this stage:% of Amount paid for service to be refunded
Validation100% for 1 validation, (90% after 14 days), 80% after 2 validations
Product Manual20%

Prior to purchasing Brand Builder’s Complete Sourcing Service, client must agree to these terms.