8 Out of 10 New Online Stores Fail. Turnkey Dropship Websites Can Fix That.

Beat the Odds With a Turnkey Ecommerce Website,
Optimized for a Flood of Orders
That’s 80% of newly launched e-commerce stores going belly up – many within 90 days.
How do you avoid this trend?
With a little preparation, the help of experts in the field, and a supportive community rooting for you – you have a wonderful chance of succeeding. More on this later…

First, tell me… Do you already have a product and want to take it to the booming online audience?

Or perhaps you have a hobby like pottery or making custom jewelry and the time has come to offer it to the public…

You may even wanna dip your feet in e-commerce, through dropshipping. No matter the business model – when it comes to selling anything online, Shopify is the ‘go-to’ platform for over 1 million entrepreneurs in 175 countries.

It’s an immensely powerful tool at your disposal. At a push of a button, your order is almost magically processed for shipping, labels printed – and customers are updated with detailed tracking information.

Mom-and-Pop stores going toe to toe with Amazon. On the flip side though, there are many dangers awaiting new, inexperienced store owners…

These dangers are magnified when you attempt the e-commerce journey alone.

For example, I have a very intelligent friend who together with his artist wife, developed their own brand of artist supplies.

Their paints and brushes were of premium quality and most customers who bought them loved their new supplies and eventually re-ordered.

But he struggled to get traffic to his store – and was getting desperate.

He figured Facebook ads was his answer and hired a freelancer to launch an ad campaign. $1,000 later with only two orders to show, he had to abort and revert back to free organic traffic. 

We don’t want that for you.

A Short Intro

Hi, I’m Brady Cargle, owner of BrandBuilders.

For 4 long years, I failed at every attempt to build an online income.

Then, I made my first dollar… then $100… Then $1,000… Then $10,000… Then $100,000…

So what changed?

I began surrounding myself with awesome people. People who had achieved what I so desperately wanted to. I hung out, picked their brains, and with their help turned things around.

BrandBuilders now consistently develops pre-built and custom income generating websites that bring in healthy revenue for our customers.

In an industry with an alarming failure rate – 96% of the affiliate sites we build, go on to become profitable.

We’ve taken our proven site-building and traffic framework and built over 300 Amazon FBA sites that are raking in sales and traffic for sellers who previously relied solely on Amazon as a traffic source.
And now we’ve expanded our popular “Done-For-You” model to ready-to-roll Shopify Stores
Think of it as your very own “cheat code” to get a headstart in the e-com industry.

You could spend hours, days, or even months trying to fit the pieces together… Or you could let our experts do it for you – with you.

Why We Chose Shopify

Shopify is a great innovation. It’s truly an all-in-one ecommerce software, comfortable for non-technical and advanced users. A growing number of companies, mom-and-pop shops, and adventurous dropshipping entrepreneurs turn to Shopify to power their stores.

Consider these staggering stats on Shopify:
There are several reasons for the success of stores using the Shopify platform.

From push-button order fulfillment to a checkout experience that is smooth and friction-less, and features that make marketing your products on Facebook, Instagram or Google a breeze – Shopify does the ‘dirty work’ for you.
The Need For a “Ready to Sell” Store That’s Optimized For Maximum Traffic & Sales - From Day One
Shopify is a complete e-commerce tool. But don’t expect it to operate like Amazon out of the box.

Getting a site that you’ll be proud of and is ready to accept hordes of hot buyers takes time and many hours of tinkering under the hood.

Making sure the right colors are in use across the store….

Loading your products, images, and descriptions.

What about stress-testing the checkout flow? Or setting up the Google Shopping and Facebook Catalog feeds?

When you purchase a “BrandBuilders Turnkey Dropship Website” service, you get our team of experts in your corner, going through every detail big or small.

We take care of things such as:
There’s still more that we cannot possibly list here.
I’ve noticed over the years, that entrepreneurs who have a mentor by their side tend to succeed more often than not.

So we’ve put together a personal coaching mentorship program, where you get live coaching calls with experts on the BrandBuilders team.

We work with you to stack the odds heavily in your favor, up to your first sale and beyond.

So What Exactly Are We Giving You?

We’re also guaranteeing that your site is 100% unique, and will never resold to other customers. You don’t have to worry about other marketers constantly nipping at your heels while you’re trying to build a profitable business.

We’re giving you the process that has worked for us for so many years, and putting that process to work in your own pre-made dropship websites.

We’re giving you the guarantee that every site we’ve built is in a profitable niche.
Within 24 hours, you’re going to get a turnkey, ready-made, high-quality affiliate site in a niche that has been thoroughly researched, content that is written by true, knowledgeable professional writers, fully optimized to rank in the search engines, and ready to earn as soon as the traffic starts trickling in.
You’ll also get a complete Traffic Acquisition Guide and have your questions answered so you can take over the keys to the castle and end up hours away from making money, instead of years and constant learning.
Many people think that pre-made and custom-built niche websites are too expensive.
To those people, I have some numbers for you to crunch.
Let’s take a look at everything that is required
when you’re building the site, piece by piece:

More than $8,425

And that’s only scraping the surface.

When you look at the total costs of putting together the pieces of the puzzle yourself, you could be looking at more than $8,425 and that’s before you’ve even started marketing the site.

You’re also going to be waiting for weeks, or even months for the project to be completed.

Pre-Made Shopify Sites

here's what's included

Just $899 PER SITE

With Our Pre-Made Dropship Websites
You Get Everything Listed Above, And More

Supplier outreach cheat sheet

We give you our own personal script for finding and outreaching to suppliers. We’ll show you how to find amazing suppliers for your store

Traffic Acquisition Guide

On top of that, you get our proven Traffic Acquisition Guide that breaks down step-by-step exactly how to grow your business going forward.

24/7 Support

You’ll get 24 hours per day, 7 days per week Skype and email support so you’re never left hanging, wondering what to do next.

FREE Coaching

Every order gets 1 free, 30-minute call with our team of online business experts. You can ask about anything that’s relevant to you.

Perfect Niche for you

We vet multiple niches to make just a single site. We look for niches with the right product price, the right target audience, and low competition

24-Hour Turnaround

Every website that we’ve built is already live and indexed when you make your purchase, and when you complete the sale we’ll transfer the entire castle to you within 24 hours.

You'll Own 100% Of Your Business

This isn’t some time-sharing program where we take a cut of your profits.

This is your business, that we’ve built for you, using the sound principles and successful strategies that we’ve developed over more than 10 years of experience.

It’s also a site that’s built specifically for you.

We won’t build another site like it for any other customer, so you can be guaranteed to have your competition limited. We feel that companies that turn out dozens of the same sites and sell them all to unsuspecting customers are doing the industry a disservice, and we refuse to participate in that game.


Some of these stores has it’s trial period expired, Please contact us I you’d like to be able to browse it, And will grant access right away!!

Here Are The Sites

Want to see the full store? Click the URL and use password brandbuilders to get full access


URL: MicroImagePlus.MyShopify.com

Niche: Microscopes

Product Sells For: $200-$1,000 each

Sourcing Costs: $8-$100 each

Car Seats

URL: SafeRiders.MyShopify.com

Niche: Car Seats

Product Sells For: $100-$400

Sourcing Costs: $11-$24


URL: KingOfOutdoorHike.MyShopify.com

Niche: Backpacking

Product Sells For: $15-$100 each

Sourcing Costs: $2-$30 each


URL: BetterStarGazing.MyShopify.com

Niche: Telescopes

Product Sells For: $100-$700 each

Sourcing Costs: $10-$80 each

Rowing machines

URL: KeepRowing.MyShopify.com

Niche: Rowing Machines

Product Sells For: $50-$600 each

Sourcing Costs: $50-$70 each

Knife sets

URL: SharperCuts.MyShopify.com

Niche: Knife Sets

Product Sells For: $20-$160

Sourcing Costs: $3-$60


URL: Budget-Mannequin.MyShopify.com

Niche: Mannequins

Product Sells For: $20-$140 each

Sourcing Costs: $1-$45 each

Punching Bags & Stands

URL: FightCampClub.MyShopify.com

Niche: Punching Bags & Stands

Product Sells For: $30-$200

Sourcing Costs: $3-$40

Deep sea fishing

URL: DeepWaterSale.MyShopify.com

Niche: Deep Sea Fishing

Product Sells For: $2-$600 each

Sourcing Costs: $0.50-$190 each



Niche: Hammocks

Product Sells For: $15-$1000 each

Sourcing Costs: $2-$100 each

pool toys

URL: FunPoolStore.MyShopify.com

Niche: Pool Toys

Product Sells For: $5-$500 each

Sourcing Costs: $0.20-$44 each

outdoor cinema

URL: MotionPictureOutdoor.MyShopify.com

Niche: Outdoor Cinema

Product Sells For: $19-$9,500

Sourcing Costs: $2-$1,900

water coolers

URL: H2OCoolers.MyShopify.com

Niche: Water Coolers

Product Sells For: $10-$6,000 each

Sourcing Costs: $2-$1,000 each

baby monitors

URL: HyperBabycom.MyShopify.com

Niche: Baby Monitors

Product Sells For: $30-$1000

Sourcing Costs: $10-$100

pet bed

URL: SleepyPuppy.MyShopify.com

Niche: Pet Bed

Product Sells For: $20-$1000 each

Sourcing Costs: $0.20-$55 each

OR, You Can Pick Your Own Niche

Now, you don’t have to pick only from sites listed on our market, you can pick your own niche and have a new site built for you, same specs, same words count and same price (limited offer).

Buy the custom pre-made package and we’ll contact you within 24 hours to pick your niche and start building you a brand new site 😉

Yes, of course. We will guide you step-by-step through the whole process.
Yes, we can help you with the SEO work. Send us an email, and we’ll discuss the details.

Every site comes with the resources you’ll need to succeed. This includes our Traffic Acquisition Guide, our video vault of how-to guides, and our next steps we’d take to succeed with the site.

Then each new purchase comes with a private 1-on-1 coaching call with our team.

We do whatever it takes to make sure that the only way you can fail is if you quit. You’ll have every resource possible to guarantee your success.

Big NO! We’re all professionals here. This is what we do for a living.

Every site we create is built around your product. Everything you get will be 100% unique and catered to your needs.

It depends on a lot of different factors. The biggest ones are your niche, products you’ll be promoting, time and effort you put into your site, etc.

Each listing comes with a general estimate of your sourcing costs and your possible sale price. The final result will depend on your effort and hard work.

If you’d like to purchase 2 or more sites at once , use these coupon codes: 2 sites (5pcbulk), 3 or 4 sites (3or4bulk).