A BrandBuilders Client Success Story With Managed Website Services

At BrandBuilders, we love a good success story. 

Our site management service has helped numerous clients increase their site traffic and sales, so we’re going to put the spotlight on some real data that shows just how awesome one of our clients’ sites has become – with just a little bit of help.

Here are a few highlights:

 44 pt

Increase in site speed

 13 pt

Increase in site health


Increase in page views


Increase in avg time on page


Problems and Goals

This particular client (we’ll call him C) had already been in the affiliate marketing game for a while when he first came to us, but his website was struggling. 

To figure out what the issues were, we dug in and used SEO tools like Ahrefs to generate a unique report for his site and found that organic traffic was stagnating (and even declining for many articles), that the mobile and desktop versions of the site were slow, and the overall health score needed a boost.

Figure A. Poor site speed and core web vitals.

In an 8-month period, C’s site was only averaging 69,000 page views. He also had 11 3XX redirects (which directed visitors to URLs other than the ones they requested) and 31 internal links on https pages that lead to http pages, or pages that are not secured.

The site also had an orphan page, which is a page that has no incoming internal links directed to it. In order for search engines and crawlers to find a page, it needs to be linked to other pages!

Solutions Applied

After identifying all of the problems with the site, our talented IT team got to work applying solutions. For Ahrefs errors, we applied a few plugins like WP Rocket to improve site speed, but most changes were done manually.

For the problems with traffic, we utilized two main strategies: adding new content, and updating old content on the site. We targeted low-hanging, low-competition, and low-difficulty topics and keywords using SEO tools like Ahrefs, SEMRush, and KW Finder, along with Google suggestions, related searches, and PAAs (People Also Ask). 

Figure B. Sample keyword research results.

After we determined the keywords, we looked into the top-ranking articles for each keyword and gauged the quality of those articles. This helps us determine if we can beat the articles and land within the top three rankings.

In order to give older articles a much-needed boost, we also compared each article with the top three articles for a given focus keyword. We did side-by-side comparisons to determine the word counts we needed, the sub-topics to include, and to discover any other features that could help, including videos, images, and graphs.

Figure C. Frase, the SEO writing tool we use to optimize content.

Frase, an SEO writing tool, allows us to do research on the top-ranking articles, determine the appropriate sub-headers and sub-topics (including how many to use), and estimate SERP scores as articles are being written or updated.

Excellent Results

As a result of the strategies and solutions we applied, C’s site traffic and page views improved dramatically. We began managing the site in September 2021, and according to Google Analytics, the site is now averaging 270,433 page views per month – a 291% increase!

Figure D. Page views in the months we managed the site (in blue) vs. the ones we didn’t.

After doing some Java optimization, C’s mobile site speed increased by 44 points, and his desktop site speed increased to 94/100. Additionally, the average time spent on page increased by 17.6%, from 4 minutes 15 seconds to a full 5 minutes.

Figure E. Increases in mobile and desktop site speed.

After addressing the Ahrefs errors, the site went from a “Good” score of 86 to an “Excellent” score of 99/100. 

In order to maintain these results, we continue to monitor the site’s specs month-by-month and apply the same content strategies throughout C’s subscription, all while searching for more and more ways to improve.

Figure F. Improvements in site health specs.

From here on out, it’s all about constantly growing and improving the site. We also continue to keep an eye on competitor sites – because we know that they’re improving too.

The data speaks for itself! So what are you waiting for? Check out our management packages now!