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We'll Give You The Reports You Need To Keep Your Business Moving

Here's what we'll deliver:

manufacturing costs

Detailed manufacturing costs, so you know exactly what to expect for your mold fees, certification fees, and any other fees that may be required to begin production.

pricing breaks

Detailed pricing breaks based on the quantity you order so you know the perfect quantity for maintaining the highest profit margins in your business.

cost of shipping

Estimated costs of shipping for each different method and different order quantities so you can effectively plan for the costs and aren’t hit with hidden fees before or after the products have shipped.

manufacturer requirements

Requirements that your manufacturer will need to get started and your order won’t be delayed because of unforeseen issues that could have been taken care of up front.

compliance issues

Any potential compliance issues that you’ll need to address to ensure your orders won’t be held up during production or importing because a key compliance rule was missed.

cost of landing goods

The costs of landing your goods so you have a crystal clear picture for how much it is going to cost from beginning to end, and your products will arrive at their final destination without being held hostage because you underestimated the costs.

Why Validation Is Critical For Your Business

product validation

Dealing with sourcing factories can be the most time consuming, frustrating aspect of manufacturing and sourcing products from overseas.

With proper product validation, you’ll completely eliminate the need to spend your precious time going back and forth with factories to ensure that the product you want to source is actually worth manufacturing.

While negotiating with overseas factories isn’t necessarily difficult for most people, some people make a grave mistake during their negotiation process.

They attempt to get the prices as low as possible, which manufacturers are happy to oblige, but sellers fail to realize that those costs will be made up with a lack of quality in the final products.

In other words, you may save money up front, but you are going to cost yourself substantially more money by trying to sell inferior products, dealing with customer support issues, and spending time going back and forth with your manufacturer to fix issues that shouldn’t have happened in the first place.

Our Product Validation Reports Eliminate These Issues BEFORE They Ever Have a Chance To Crop Up.

We help you identify the costs associated with manufacturing your products, and identify the boundaries you can use to begin negotiations while making sure you’re not sacrificing quality at the expense of saving a few bucks.

Inside of the reports, we give you so many details that you’re not only going to have the perfect reference and frame for negotiating with your manufacturer, but you’re also going to see how the costs are broken down, where cuts can be made, where it’s better to spend a little more, and how to increase your profit margins by avoiding hidden fees and landing costs.

Sellers that fail to perform product validation are guaranteed to make costly mistakes.

It will happen during the manufacturing process, during the importing process, and during the landing process.

We help you minimize the chance of making these time and money-intensive mistakes by breaking down every part of the process from sourcing, to manufacturing, importing, and landing your products.

wasted money sourcing products

Here's How We Can Help You Avoid All Those Costly Mistakes

There are certain parts of your business that simply can’t be ignored, or have shortcuts taken.

Product validation is one of those areas.

It’s the foundation of every successful Ecommerce business, and if you neglect it or make mistakes, you could end up costing yourself big -- in both lost time, and wasted money.

Accurately Identify Manufacturing Costs

product manufacturing costs

We have liaisons in place at factories across China to make sure that the manufacturing costs you see are the actual costs to manufacture your products.

We contact a large number of suppliers and qualify them to make sure that they’re delivering precise costs across a wide range of order quantities so there are no hidden surprises for you.

This helps make sure that your options are wide open and you can choose the perfect number of units to manufacture based on the size of your business.

The same process is repeated through shipping agencies and freight forwarding companies to make sure you are receiving the absolute best prices to land your products.

Knowing how much you’re going to spend and where you can cut costs is key to increasing your profit margins and reducing headaches from fees that unscrupulous manufacturers and shipping companies drop on you at the last minute.

Understand All Of Your Manufacturing Requirements

Coordinating with your suppliers can be difficult and frustrating.

When you attempt to coordinate with multiple suppliers to ensure you’re getting the best deal possible, and that your manufacturer can deliver the quality you expect, the time and frustrations only increase.

We specialize in making sure that your products and their manufacturing requirements are being met with precision and zero frustration on your part.

Our services ensure that there are no surprises that will get covered up until your products are landed, leaving you in a costly situation.

We can help you drill down into the details of your products and guarantee that you are getting an accurately manufactured product with the quality your customers deserve and zero headaches that you’ll have to deal with.

product manufacturing requirements

Build a Foundational Game Plan In Your Business

product creation plan

After we have performed due diligence for you, we deliver the information we’ve gathered directly to your inbox and help you understand exactly what’s going on and how to move forward.

These reports contain precise details that are critical to the success of your business, and help you ensure that the products you’re sourcing are not only viable for sale, but that they’re going to help you generate the profit margins you require.

Through our Product Validation service, we can gather the intimate details about your products, learn your requirements, find the best suppliers, and ensure they stick to your specifications, so you have unfair advantages against your competition.

Handling the production and logistics for your business is what we do best, and we take pride in what we do so you can take pride in what you do -- delivering those products to your customers.

What We Need To Help You Get Started

Getting on the same playing field and understanding the exact requirements for your business is how we can excel when we work together.

To make sure the process moves forward as quickly and easily as possible, you’ll want to make sure that you have the details about your products fully planned out.

Once you do, we can get the most accurate estimates from overseas factories.

You’ll want to have a detailed product specification sheet so we can ensure you are going to get the highest quality possible.

You can build this sheet yourself, or use our Product Validation service to have it delivered for you to critique and then move forward with the sourcing and landing of your chosen products.

start product validation

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  • Detailed manufacturing costs
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  • Manufacturing requirements
  • Compliance requirements
  • Estimated shipping costs
  • Documented landing costs

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