We Make Sourcing From China Simple

We’ll Keep Your Products Safe, Save You Money, And Eliminate Frustrations When You’re Importing Products From Overseas Manufacturers

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If You're Worried About:

planning out product

​Planning out the manufacturing of a product you want to import and figuring out how to get exactly what you want from Chinese factories without wasting time and money…

product specifications

Ensuring that the products they are manufacturing for you fit into tightly defined specifications without having to communicate with the factories yourself…

upfront manufacturing costs

Understanding the up-front manufacturing costs so you’re not hidden with any big, expensive surprises once you start production...

finding manufacturers

​Spending time finding more than one manufacturer so you can reliably source the products you want to sell, even if one supplier starts acting shady...

negotiating with manufacturers

Negotiating the deals with your manufacturers so you get favorable terms and don’t have to worry about parts of the deal being “lost in translation” or getting taken advantage of...


Putting together the documents you need to make sure the manufacturing process moves forward as smoothly as possible, and you don’t encounter delays…

manufacturing issues

Making sure any manufacturing issues are identified and fixed long before you lose large amounts of money by receiving shipments of products that you can’t actually sell…

product inspection

Inspecting your products before they leave the manufacturing facilities to ensure you’re getting exactly what you ordered, and the precise number you requested…

product photography

​Taking highly detailed pictures of your products so you don’t have to source the images and can start selling as soon as the products are landed…

product shipping

Managing the shipping and logistics so your products arrive on-time and aren’t getting held up by customs for small mistakes that could have been avoided…

product reorders

Reordering products and making sure you are getting exactly what you’ve requested without having to start the process completely over…

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Your Business Is Our Business

We understand your frustrations, and can help your business move forward as smoothly and affordably as possible.

We know that transparency is the key to running a successful Ecommerce and FBA business, and that you can’t move forward if your business is being held hostage by an agency or a manufacturer.

That’s exactly why we give you your supplier’s full details. You’ll never be held hostage by a manufacturer again, and can always take over the process yourself if you choose to.


Here's How We Operate

We operate using flat rates, not commissions.

We strive to make sure your business can continue growing over the long term, and not for us to earn as much as possible every time you order new products.

Commission-based agents lead to high pressure situations, more incentive to get you to order more products, and “backroom” deals between them and the manufacturer that stacks the odds in your manufacturer’s favor, not yours.

Commission-based agents “double dip”, charging you, and getting a kickback from the manufacturer whenever they funnel new customers to them.

We consider this practice unacceptable, and perform regular audits to ensure there are no shady deals between our employees and your suppliers.

flat rate
payments directly to the manufacturer

The payments you make will go directly to your manufacturer.

We do not accept payments on your products, so you know that your company is doing business with the manufacturer, and your payments won’t get “stuck” with some shady third-party sourcing company.

You communicate directly with the factory, at any time!

We are here to help you mainstream the sourcing process with your supply chain, not lock you into unfavorable terms or keep you in the dark.

If you want to speak directly with your supplier, we’ll give you their contact information and a point of contact.

communicate with the factory
safe information

We will never use your information to compete against you!

Some unscrupulous sourcing agencies will take the same information you’ve paid to have developed, and source the products you’ve created to start competing against you on Ecommerce platforms.

Our entire staff is prohibited from selling on any Ecommerce platform, so you never have to worry about potential conflicts of interest.

It’s unfortunate, but many sourcing agencies will take the due diligence and research you’ve done, and begin competing against you while still taking your orders and fulfilling them.

This is something you need to verify, because if you don’t you could be creating new competition and making it harder to grow your own business!

Your confidentiality is the biggest priority!

We understand how competitive Ecommerce and FBA can be.

That’s why we make sure your products and business details are kept in strict confidentiality. We have non-disclosure and non-compete agreements built directly into our Terms of Service so you can rest easy knowing you’re the only company with access to the research you’ve spent so much time and money putting together.


Here's How To Get Started

Getting started is easy.

We’ve refined the process to help you start sourcing products quickly, and getting exactly what you’ve ordered to make sure your business grows efficiently and effortlessly.

identify products

Start by identifying the products you want to sell.

product research

Then, begin researching your products.

choose products

Finally, you decide if we’re a good fit.

To Elaborate...

Start by identifying the products you want to sell

Identifying the products that you want to sell is the beginning of every successful business.

Before deciding if we’re going to grow your business together, help you with sourcing, manufacturing, and landing your products, you must first identify the product you want to sell.

We work as a sourcing agency and focus on helping you successfully source your products, but you will need to know which products are worth selling.

identify your product
number 2

Then, begin researching your products

Before you begin working with us, we highly recommend that you have completed all necessary research.

To ensure you are getting the exact products your customers want, you will need to have a product specification sheet and define the quality controls you want in place.

Product research is critical to every Ecommerce and FBA business, so we recommend you take it as seriously as possible. Doing proper research will make it easier to grow your business, and make it easier for us to help you land and start selling your products.

We’ll take over from there.

research your product
number 3

Finally, you decide if we're a good fit

The services that we offer are very unique, and designed for a very specific type of importer and business.

Because of this, we’ll work together to make sure we are a good fit for each other, and can handle all of your supply chain requirements.

If you have any questions about how the process works, we’re happy to help.

Click the link below to contact us, and we’ll have a dedicated agent contact you within 24h.

start sourcing products

Sounds interesting?

Here's What We Will Do For You:

  • Easy product validation
  • List of 5 different suppliers
  • Samples and consolidation provided
  • Chinese-based negotiators
  • Help organizing your purchase agreement
  • Updates on production statuses
  • In-factory quality control agents
  • Preparation for FBA
  • High-quality product photos
  • Logistics and landing management
  • Full staff to help you at any time
  • Your own dedicated rep

We offer three different options to help accommodate businesses of all sizes.


Limited time offer! $1,999


Limited time offer! $3,599


Limited time offer! $4,799

More than 3 products? Contact us and we'll get back to you with a quote within 24h.

Frequently Asked Questions

From time to time, we get questions that have already been answered. To save you time, each of those questions are below.

If we work together, how soon do we start?

What if the manufacturer's price is too high?

Do I have to commit to a minimum order quantity?

Can I submit changes to my product during the validation stage?

Can I import into countries I'm not a citizen of?

Do I need to start multiple packages at the same time?

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